Three Days Till Race Day

After miles of running and hours of physical therapy, the big race is only three days away! Yesterday I finished physical therapy and my final pre-race run. For the past six weeks, I’ve been going to Aero Physical Therapy to treat my hamstring strain. When I first started treatment, I really didn’t know how bad my injury was or if I could still continue training for the race. But lucky for me, I had a therapist who was supportive, honest and great at her job!


During my very first visit with Reyna (my therapist), I remember feeling relieved because I felt like I finally found someone who understood my injury and could guide me through treatment and recovery.


So twice a week, for the past six weeks, Reyna worked with me, not only to treat the injury, but to identify exercises (like clamshells, band-walks, step-ups, etc) that not only strengthened the muscles surrounding my bum hamstring, but other exercises (like aqua-jogging) that helped me to maintain my cardio.


In the beginning, she was honest enough to tell me what I shouldn’t do (like yoga, because my body wasn’t ready yet). I really appreciated that. That's what I looking for - for someone to coach me through rehab and recovery. At each visit, we’d discuss the next goal to work towards – from walking to aqua-jogging to running. Last Saturday I reached my second-to-the-last goal of running 10 miles.

Yesterday, after our final session Reyna gave me a final “thumbs-up” to go for it and achieve the final goal of finishing the race! We’ve worked hard and come a long way. It means so much to me to know that she thinks I’m ready enough to do it.

I ran a final 5K last night. All of my preparation is done. There are no more runs left between now and race day. Tonight, I’m traveling to the Pacific NW where I’ll give it all I’ve got and trust my training and adrenaline to get me through 13.1 - check back for updates on my results!