Time To Start Rebuilding

After 2 days of family, fun and lots of food (we could've fed a small nation with the amount of food consumed), it's time to get back on the bandwagon and start rebuilding myself to where I was a month ago. Last week I had my regular appointment with Dr. Eva, my chiropractor. I've been seeing for the past 18 months for ART, adjustments and well, running advice too since she's also a marathoner. She is the only medical professional who I felt that could give me a true assessment of my injury.

After examining me she said that she thought I had also damaged the tendon at my hip flexor insertion point so she did ART on that area (ow!). But my knee and quad looked okay and I really should have started to begin rehabbing it the week before. I wasn't quite sure what she meant by "rehabbing" and she clarified that I need to start doing some pretty extensive stretching to avoid any scar tissue build up in the area.

She also said that my knee strength needs to be built up beyond what it was before and it was time to start running again. And once I start running, if it goes well, then to run bleachers because in addition to all the other traditional knee building exercises, I need the push-off from bleacher running. But she warned to be careful and stop if it doesn't feel right so I don't tear my meniscus. Ummm, well....okay then.

So I woke up on Saturday, put on my Garmin for the first time in 20 days, KT taped my knee, grabbed my iPod and headed to the high school track. I decided to run at the track since it’s a softer surface. Plus, if it didn't feel right, I wouldn't be stuck somewhere and have to limp back.

I did spent more time than usual doing pre-run dynamic stretches (okay confession, I rarely do any pre-run stretches), then started out running! My goal was to run 3-4 miles so I had my Garmin set to see only the distance (so I wouldn't have to count laps) and not be concerned wtih pace. I couldn't believe how good I felt. I had no knee pain!

But after the first mile the KT tape started to flap in the wind (I swear that thing never sticks), so I ripped it off. Admittedly, my knee felt like it could've used a little more support, but there still wasn't any pain and more importantly, it's still pain-free 2 days later.

I switched directions at every mile and half way through the second mile my right foot started to hurt - much like the injury I had back in June. I had felt this start to hurt during CIM so this flare up didn’t surprise me, but thankfully, it was nowhere as bad as it was 6 months ago. I decided to stop after 3 miles, not wanting to push my luck.

I did some post-run stretches, and then cleared my Garmin to check my paces. I was really pleased and happy with what they were considering I hadn't run in 3 weeks.

Mile 1: 10:18 Mile 2: 9:30 Mile 3: 9:40

Today is my first of three sessions with my personal trainer this week. Since my company has a holiday shutdown, I am off all week and decided to schedule some extra time with Dave to spend on strength building. The workouts will include TRX, stairs and running. I haven't done this kind of combo workout in a long time so I'm a little scared, yet excited! I’m hoping for a good week and get a head start on the New Year!