Tiny Reminders of Humility

Last night, as on every Tuesday night, I volunteered at the Ronald McDonald House. I'm assigned to the Children's Activity Room where I play with the kids, helping them with different activities like painting, puzzles, legos, video games, puppets, basically whatever they want to do. Up until now its been a pretty slow gig. At the most, I've had three or so kids in the room at the time. But last night, it got really busy, about 12-15 kids. As crazy as it got, it was still so much fun. The kids amaze me. They are afflicted with terrible illnesses, yet they are so happy, full of life and laughter, and just a delight to be around. I thought of this as I worked out this morning. I had some extra time today so I did an extended workout that consisted of a little bit of everything:

* 10 minutes of hamstring curls, prescribed by my physical therapist cause he says they're still too weak. * 20 minutes on the bike, also prescribed by PT. * 30-minute Core Training class (my third of the week...ouch!) * 45-minutes on the dreadmill....I mean treadmill. I intended run 60 minutes on the treadmill but I just couldn't do it. Running on the treadmill is SO MUCH harder for me than running outside. I could barely pull a 10-minute mile. I just wasn't feeling it.

After my workout I went to physical therapy. I thought I was having IT band issues, but my therapist told me it was my lateral hamstring, not the IT band. He treated it with an ultrasound and a massage, then showed me stretches for it. Other than that, he said I'm good to go for the race. He doesn't even want to see me again until after its all done.

As much as I've had to deal with injuries this year, I know it doesn't even compare to the challenges the Ronald McDonald kids and their families go through. So when I start to complain about my aches and pains, I am thankful that I have Tuesday nights to remind me to be humble and thankful for my good health and the opportunities I have to do the active things that I love to do.

Happy Thanksgiving!