Tips & Tricks Tuesday

10 minute tuesday tips and tricks site
10 minute tuesday tips and tricks site

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Its 9:47 pm and I have a little over 2 hours to write my first “Tips & Tricks Tuesday” post.

Tips {I actually have 2 tips today}:

1. Disqus One thing that I haven’t liked about my blog is how it managed comments. Meaning, when I replied to a comment, it posted just as another comment. There was nothing linking the conversation thread together. I’ve been experimenting with different WordPress Plug-ins but none of them worked the way I wanted to, until I discovered Disqus.

I first heard of Disqus when setting up my Tumblr account, but it seemed complicated and I never finished setting it up. But with the WordPress plug-in, it’s just a click of a few buttons to install. And it manages my blog conversations exactly the way I want them to. I can reply to a comment and it displays as a conversation thread. It also can send an email to the commenter with my reply. It makes blogging more interactive, the way its supposed to be.

2. Hip Stretches

As I’ve mentioned before, I am the most inflexible person in America. I’ve dealt with a lot of hamstring, SI and piriformis issues, and I know a lot of it has to do with tight hips.

Here's a free video from Yoga Tune-Up that demonstrates some dynamic exercises to loosen your hips. This is the kind of yoga that my weekly class practices and I really enjoy it a lot. You can read a previous post I wrote about it here.


If you’re like me, with wide hips, you may have to wear jeans that may be too big for your waistline. This was such the case as I dressed for work this morning.

As I went through my jewelry, trying to decide how to accessorize (I’m terrible at it), I found my Instant Button. I wrote a blog post about it a little over 2 years ago that you can read here.

In a nutshell, the Instant Button is a removable and reusable button that allows you to resize your jeans. Sometimes a belt just doesn’t go with an outfit; the Instant Button allows you to tailor the fit. It worked well for me today!

Today’s Workouts

Dailey Method: I started off the morning with a 6 am Dailey Method class. Either the class was easier today, or I’m getting better at it. I’ve practiced Pilates and yoga for a few years, I’m more than familiar with those exercises, but the bar work is new to me and is something that I’m still struggling to learn – like finding the right posture. But part of the whole experience is to learn new things which I what I am enjoying. During most of today’s class we had to hold a small fitness ball between our knees. That little thing is pure evil – it tortured me today! ☺

Track Run This evening I had a 6-½ mile run scheduled. The plan was:

1 mile warm up 4 miles at 9:00 min/mile pace or faster with 2-minutes recovery after each mile 1 mile cool down

I programmed my Garmin with this workout but forgot to use it! Instead, I had to remember distances, calculate paces and count minutes. It drove me crazy and kept me from zoning out. I’m pretty sure I hit the target for each mile, but with the walking breaks, I don’t have the exact breakdowns. Although it was very windy tonight, it was a very good workout.