Treadmill Blunders

I had a meeting down at my company's main campus today, so to beat traffic, I drove down to it before 6 am to get in a workout at the corporate fitness center. I work in high tech and this gym is the most high tech gym I've seen. Every cardio machine has a slot to insert your iPhone or iPod to sync your music. Every weight machine has a counter that tracks your rep. If you don't fully extend the weight, then the rep doesn't count. If you work with a trainer, the trainer can put together a program for you, then give you a key that you insert into the machine and your program is pulled up for you. Its pretty amazing.

So I get to the cardio portion of my workout and head to a treadmill to do some speed intervals. It has a touch screen, but it doesn't respond to light touches. You have to press REALLY HARD on the buttons. In the back of my mind, I had a feeling it probably wasn't the best idea to try run different speeds on this treadmill. But being determined to get the workout in, I decided to do it anyway.

Big mistake. Huge.

At approximately 2 miles, I kept trying to decrease the speed and the buttons weren't responding. I lost my balance and biffed it. Luckily, I was on a treadmill in the corner and there was nothing but a wall behind me. And thankfully, the gym wasn't very crowded. I would like to think no one noticed, but I'm sure someone did. I picked myself up and took inventory. I was more or less alright, my knee - and ego - was a bit bruised. I turned off the treadmill and headed to the elliptical.

Except the ellipticals that they have feel really weird. They keep you super upright with your arms rightnexttoyou. That lasted for no more than 2 minutes. I ended up on the stair mill - the one where the stairs move. For years I used to do a full hour on the stair mill every day. Today I only managed 30 minutes and I was done. But at least I didn't fall off of it.

I was heading back to the locker room when I saw a full line of rowing machines. My gym doesn't have these (at least none that I'm aware of) so I couldn't pass up the opportunity to try it. Only thing is, my feet are about half the size of the foot holders, so this too was weird. But I managed to get a full 20-minutes of it in. It was good to try something new.

Last of all, I had to use the stretching machines. My gym doesn't have these either so I had to take advantage of them. We all know how inflexible I am and it felt good to stretch on these things. I want them for Christmas :).

Crazy day at the gym - and all before 9 am...

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