TRX Boot Camp Class

Six months ago, on a whim, I purchased a Groupon for TRX Boot camp classes. Although I already regularly do TRX workouts during my training sessions with Trainer Dave, it's always nice to try a new workout. And let's be honest, I love group exercise classes.

I finally got around to redeeming the Groupon and took my first class on Friday.

The classes are offered at a boutique gym that I'd never been to. I was a little nervous beforehand not knowing the "lay of the land." Turns out it is an extremely small gym (one room really) with a very laid back atmosphere.

I got there 15-20 minutes before my class started and was able to observe the previous class finishing up their workout, which eased my nerves.

Class started right on time with just six other people. PERFECT. I love small group x classes so that we can get more individualized attention from the instructor.

We started doing a warm-up of some basic TRX exercises; squats, lunges, reverse flies, etc. All exercises I was familiar with.

The rest of the hour long class was a series of (a lot) of short circuits that mixed cardio, strength and mobility, using only the TRX, a Kettle Bell and a PVC Pipe (yep, you read that correctly). For example one of the circuits was:

- Squats with Raised Arms Holding PVC Pipe - Jumping Jacks - Kettle Bell Swings - Planks

We did 3-4 sets of this circuit in about 5-minutes.

We also had two circuits of only core exercises. They were pretty brutal. Then class ended with a cool down of stretches.

After focusing on running for more months than I can count I have to say, I had the time of my life. I felt strong, empowered and loved every minute of it.

I felt the equivalent of a runners high. Not to mention that this workout is the perfect kind of cross training to build strength, endurance and agility to compliment running.

I left class feeling pretty darn proud of myself because I was able to keep up with the tempo of the class without feeling exhausted or winded. I didn't even look at the clock to countdown how many minutes were left. :)

Although it didn't seem as difficult as I feared it would be, I woke up this morning feeling sore in every fiber of my being. *Everything* hurts but it's the "good" kind of sore. I love it.

For those local to the Bay Area, the class is offered at Resort Fitness in downtown San Mateo. Although it's advertised as appropriate for "all fitness levels", I do think you should have minimal knowledge of TRX, or at the very least a fitness base going into it. It's a very fast-moving class and if you don't already have these things it could be a little overwhelming. But overall, I highly recommend it.


As a follow-up to my last post, I guess you can tell that by me taking this class I did not run a marathon this weekend. I already had other commitments planned that I did not want to cancel at the last minute. I was also pretty exhausted physically and emotionally from all the NYCM drama and to be honest, I didn't want to spend any more money traveling to yet another race.

I'm in the process of planning what's next but there will be more Boot camp and Conditioning workouts in the near future.