TRX Training

As I mentioned in my 30 for 30 post, I was recently introduced to TRX training. If you're not familiar with TRX, here's a video that explains what it is:

I invested in my own suspension training kit, including the doorstop and have been using it at home. I have been pretty good about doing at least one exercise a day, but my knowledge of what exercises can be done on the TRX and how to property do them has been pretty limited to what Trainer Dave has shown me, and what came with the kit.

Lucky for me, the TRX Training Center is based right here in San Francisco! Taking advantage of this opportunity, I signed up for a 3 classes for $45 introductory special. I looked over the class schedule and was delighted to see that a "Getting Started" class was scheduled for today. The class is described as:

New to the TRX? Let us show you the basics with our FREE “getting started” session. This 30-minute intro session will walk you through how to set up and use the TRX, the best ways to adjust resistance and stability, give you easy to follow tips for progressing, and an overview of our basic set of foundational exercises. Level: New users are encourages to attend this session Duration: 30 minutes

This was exactly what I was looking for! And the best part is that it is FREE so it didn't count towards the 3-class package!

The class started at 7:45 am so I was up and out the door by 6:50 am to head up to the City. The neighborhood where it’s at is limited to street parking so I wanted to be there early and had enough time to park and get situated. Lucky for me, the parking meters don't start until 9 am!

I got there in plenty of time, put my gear in the locker room and then headed out to the studio.


There were about 14 of us in class (the class max sizes is 20) so we had a lot of room to move around.

The instructor took us through 6 basic exercises:

1. Body Rows 2. Chest Press (push-ups) 3. Hamstring Curls 4. Planks 5. Side Planks 6. Hip Stretches

Although these are basic exercises, the intensity level is significantly increased because you are suspended the entire time. You are using your own body weight and your core is engaged the entire time.

I love TRX for:

* The efficiency of these workouts (working multiple muscle groups simultaneously) * The flexibility (you manage the difficulty of the exercises based upon angles and modifications) * And the mobility (you can do this at home using a door, at the park using a pull-up bar - anywhere!)

After class I chatted with the instructor and told her that I had my own suspension kit at home. She recommended taking a few more classes and continued work with my trainer to make sure I learn proper form and exercises, which the 3-class intro package is perfect for! I can't wait to take more classes and love that I have the option to drop in for any additional ones that I want to take!