Tuesday Tidbits

Tuesday Tidbits...a day when I post random musings... I got a massage last night. As my massage therapist worked on my bad leg, he found that my IT Band was "crunchy" at the insertion point to the knee. Unlike at the hamstring insertion point, this one didn't hurt too badly when he worked on it and it actually "sounded" kinda cool. He was completely grossed out by it.

My wrist was also pretty tight. To release it, he worked on pressure points in my pecs and I literally heard the crackling release.

My neck was also feeling sore and I couldn't turn my head all the way to the right side. When I complained about it my therapist started working on my right shoulder. Over and over and over again. It felt like he was pinching it. When I finally told him it was starting to get annoying he said, "I just released a knot in your trapezius muscle that was pulling on a vertebrae in your neck." And what do you know - neck pain was gone and now I have full range of motion.

It's all very fascinating...


I was beginning to think I was no longer an early morning runner, but I managed to drag my butt out the door at 7:30 am (okay to semi-early morning) and had a decent run. The workout had timed intervals so I wore my Garmin and apparently didn't work as hard as I thought/felt I did. There were points during the run where I wondered why I do this crap, but I had read this blog post just before I ran and tried really hard to grasp on to it and have a positive outlook. My optimistic takeaway is that my IT Band/knee felt better than it had in weeks. Probably because of the aforementioned massage.


I worked from home today, something I've been doing more of recently. I am fortunate to have a job that allows such flexibility. On days that I work from home I find that I actually work longer hours and have fewer distractions, making it more productive.

I also love it because:

1. I don't have to put on makeup. 2. I don't have to deal with traffic. 3. I can run semi-early in the morning (as noted above) or at lunch, and when winter comes along, late afternoon before it gets dark. 4. I can make healthier, fresher lunches (like salads!)... 5. ...And get a head start on dinner! I put some bbq chicken in the crock-pot at lunch and it should be ready in time for dinner!


Since delving into the world of web design, I've developed an obsession for fonts. I have spent hours oohing and ahhing over Google web fonts. The problem is, when presented with too many options, I get overwhelmed, unable to make a decision and end up with nothing. Kinda like shopping at Sephora.