Unhappy Feet

Right about now I should be working on my route and play list for my morning run tomorrow, but sadly I'm not allowed to run right now. unhappy-feet

My right foot has been bothering me since last week and I really have no idea why. I don't remember any specific event where I could have injured it. But it really started to bother me during the track run last Wednesday so I'm deducing that the hike to the falls last Tuesday is what caused this. The terrain was rocky and steep, and I had my running, not hiking shoes on. That had to have been the culprit....

Up until yesterday I actually thought my foot hurt because I had been wearing heels and Havianas a lot. I mean a have a whole closet full of open-toed heels, and who doesn't wear slippers during the summer (people from Hawai'i call it slippers, not flip-flops)?! But I should have known better. See I have chronic plantar fasciitis which flared up again last year but can be easily treated by wearing the right kind of shoes (with laces and a stiff sole aka boring), regular stretching, etc, etc. I'd been so diligent about all of this until the summer, even using this boot to sleep every night.


So when my foot started to ache last week, I figured it was this same thing again.

But during yesterday's 5-miler it hurt like hell. I swear I thought it was broken. But I have a high tolerance for pain and pushed thru it. Right after the run I had physical therapy. My therapist noticed I was limping (it was hard not to) and asked me what was up. I told him it was my PF flaring up again but when I showed him where on my foot hurt (the outer part), he said, it wasn'tplantar fasciitis. He said he suspects a sprain of the metatarsal something something or another (I really can't remember their medical terms when they talk really fast).

I really didn't want to have to see my doctor again (I'm a regular and have her on speed dial) so he wrapped my foot for me. I had no idea how to wrap a foot so I taped him wrapping it so I could do it again on my own.

He even gave me some sports tape to take home. I was all happy thinking, "Yay, its fixed!" Wrong.

My foot hurt like hell all day! It felt worse wrapped than it did unwrapped. I limped around so bad I should have just had a cane. That tape he put around the back of my foot just about did me in. It compressed my foot so much I thought it was going to die (yes I'm dramatic and tend to say this a lot). To make it worse, I had a meeting after work (more on this meeting later in the week) which meant I didn't get home from my day until well after 8 pm. By that time I'd had enough. I cut off the tape and my foot immediately felt relieved, but still pretty tender in the sprained area. But now then the tendons on the outside of my leg hurt. Awesome.

So today I was late for work (as usual), so I threw the sports tape in my bag and wrapped it at work -- not as tightly as my therapist had, but enough to have it immobile. But then I got busy with a project and forgot I hadn't put my shoe back on. My colleague stopped by to chat, found this to be hilarious and took this photo.


Anyway, so later in the afternoon, I was IM'ing with my friend De about our upcoming Halloween trip to Vegas. I told her about my foot and she started freaking me out about possible hairline fractures, etc, etc. So I ended up calling my doctor and going to see her later in the afternoon. When she walked into the examination room the first thing she said to me was, "Oh you're back again." Yeah, I know.

She basically said what I already knew:

* slight sprain * the wrap probably aggravated other tendons which made it feel worse - so don't wrap it anymore * ice * elevate * rest for 2-3 weeks

Yeah that last bullet point had me frowning. I told her, "ummm no." I can't rest for 2-3 weeks...I mean I already missed my 8-miler last weekend. Since she said she didn't "think" it was broken, isn't three weeks a little excessive? I think so. So we negotiated. If it doesn't feel better by Thursday, then I promised to go in for x-rays. In the meantime I can swim and lift but not run. But I clarified that running in the pool, i.e., aqua-jogging is OK. (I'm secretly hoping to be able to run again by Saturday.)

So tomorrow, instead of my morning run, I'll be heading to the pool for aqua-jogging and swimming. For once I'm really hoping its a warm morning...