We Learn Something New Every Day...

As if Monday’s aren’t hard enough, this morning I was at the gym for a 5:30 am Spin class. Thankfully, the instructor had some good music to wake us up. I swear, with good music, I can push myself through anything. And its a good thing too because this was a “harder than usual” Spin class. We actually did “push-ups” on the Spin bike. In all the time I’ve been taking Spin, I’ve never heard of that before! It wasn’t easy, but I’d take it any day over real push-ups! :) Feeling energized, I plowed through a productive work day, then came home for a sports massage. The therapist who does chair massages at work also does home visits, so I scheduled a 90-minute session. I can honestly say it was a real learning experience.

Lately I’ve spent so much time stretching, foam-rolling and caring for the left side of my body, that I’ve neglected the right side. And I felt it in every minute of the massage. I mean, I knew my right calf was tight, but I didn’t know it had *three* knots in it. And boy did I feel every one. Nor did I realize that my quads were mad at me. And let’s not even talk about my hips. Needless to say, this was not a soothing, relaxful massage.

A few weeks ago, one of the Giants bullpen pitchers got placed on the DL for an IT Band issue. A common problem that everyone knows about, right? Well, so you’d think. My Twitter feed blew up with people making fun of the diagnosis that most had never even heard of...including a beat reporter who’s covered baseball for years. My friend Missy, a fellow runner and Giants fan, and I happened to be at the ballpark reading these tweets. Not gonna lie, we were pretty shocked that a lot of people didn’t know about it, and yes, offended that they were making fun of it. I guess that’s just ignorance on my part to assume that people know about these things.

In hindsight, I realize how much I’ve learned about the human body in the past 2 years of race training. There is something new to be discovered almost every day, and I for one, never get tired of it. Another reason why I enjoy this so much.


In other news..mostly for my family...

So you all know how much I hate eggs, right? I have hated them since:

- I was a little kid and Grandma forced me to eat egg salad sandwiches. - I saw my little sister’s head explode when she was a baby after eating eggs (allergic reaction). - One of the eggs I found during an Easter egg hunt was rotten.

Recently, I read that egg whites were great nutritionally, so I began to eat 2 hard-boiled egg whites every morning and afternoon as snacks. Never the yolk though -- it still grossed me out.

Well, I hope you’re sitting people, because I made an omelete this morning. Yes, that’s right, *I*, me, made an omelete. Not only is this huge because of the egg factor, but its big news because I’ve never made one before.

While grocery shopping over the weekend, I got all inspired and decided to go for it. So I got mushrooms, green onions, spinach, ham and salsa to go in it. I beat 2 eggs, then threw everything into the frying pan, like stir-fry. I don’t even know if that’s how an omelete is supposed to be made.

But guess what - it turned out pretty okay, even if I do say so myself! And the best part? It kept me full all morning; I wasn’t famished and reaching for snacks. I think I may be on to something!

Hey, and if you have any recommendations on how an omelete is supposed to be made, please send them my way! :)

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