We Learn Something New Everyday

Over the weekend I taught a friend how to set-up a blog so she can join the blogging world (I’m very excited about this). In doing so, I discovered a lot of new things that have evolved since I set-up this blog.

For one thing, Blogger has a lot more features than when I last used it almost 2 years ago. Secondly, while looking at custom blog designers (in case you’re wondering, The Blog Fairy helped design the aesthetics of mine), I discovered The Casual Blogger Community. While I love following running, healthy living, fashion and design blogs, I forget that there’s a whole blogging community that talks about what’s new in the blogging world, and it's always good to keep up-to-date on new trends.

One thing I read on their site that I liked was daily themes:

• All About Me Monday

• Tips & Tricks Tuesday

• Wordless Wednesday

• 13 Thursday

• Flashback Friday

I’ve seen a few of these themes on some of the blogs that I read, but not for the whole week. I can see how it can be helpful to a new blogger who is just getting started, and also to one who could use some new ideas – that would be me, so I’ll give it a try this week and see how I like it. So here's my All About Me Monday{Note: I usually blog at night, so I realize that some of you may not read this until Tuesday…}:

5 things about me: 1. I’m left handed 2. I’ve never seen a Mel Gibson movie 3. I got my ears pierced at 3 yrs old 4. I took piano lessons from age 4 to 17 5. I love breakfast for dinner

Today’s workouts:

Spin: I started the day off with a 5:45 am spin session. My gym cancelled the 5:30 am class a few weeks ago so I’ve been spinning on my own on Monday mornings. It’s been 3 weeks and I’m officially bored. I put the word out to my Dailey Mile friends and got a few recommendations on self-guided spin workouts that I can’t wait to try.

Core: After spinning I went to the 6:30 am core class. Today we used free weights to do standing exercises to work the lower abs and obliques. After swimming yesterday my shoulders could barely withstand the 5 pounders I used.

Yoga: I closed out the day with an evening yoga class and it was a good one!

For the very first time EVER, I was able to do chaturanga. Ironically, I was chatting with a friend last week that told me I definitely had the strength to do it but probably wasn’t taught the proper way to do the pose.


{image source}

In tonight’s class our instructor had us wrap a yoga strap around our arms to lock our elbows to our sides. Then he showed us the proper way to do the pose. Not only was I able to do it, but also held it for more than just a few seconds.

We also learned that dynamic stretches could be more beneficial than static ones. And did both kinds of variations for trikonasana (triangle pose).

Triangle Pose
Triangle Pose

{image source}

Our instructor promised that doing this pose daily pose would loosen glute meds and hammys. These are trouble areas for me so I am all over it!