Week 1 Recap: January 1-7, 2012

I fell off the wagon at the end of last year in posting my Weekly Workout summaries, so let's see if I can be more consistent for all 52 weeks this year.

Sunday, January 1

Plan: Rest Day

Actual: Who wants to start the New Year out with a Rest Day? But I told myself I would make more of an effort to respect Rest Days so I compromised and went on a 3-mile walk.

Monday, January 2

Plan: Strength Training & 1-hr Spinning

Actual: It was my last day of Staycation so I took advantage of the extra time and met Dave, my personal trainer at Seal Point for an outdoor training session. He had me do the same workout I had done 3 times the previous week:

A multi-circuit workout of: - 10 push-ups - 10 TRX body rows - 10 TRX one-legged squats (on each leg) with bicep curls

Then he had me run stairs. I did 3 laps of 50 stairs, 3 times. My splits were: 3:24, 3:10 and 3:07, which was an improvement from the week prior when I ran it in 3:39, 3:28 and 3:17.

We ended the session with 2 hill repeats that were :31 and :30 respectively. These short, power workouts are pretty tiring so the 1-hr on the bike trainer never happened.

Tuesday, January 3

Plan: 4-mile Run - Intervals

Actual: AM: 1-hr Yin Yoga Class PM: 1-hr Bike Trainer

I blogged about this here.

Wednesday, January 4

Plan: 1-hour Bike Trainer & Strength Training

Actual: AM: Since I switched Tuesday and Wednesday's workout, I did the 4-mile run on Wednesday morning. It was a little easier to get up in the morning, but I still needed the extra 20 minutes that it would've taken me to drive to/from the track, so this run was done around the neighborhood.

PM: Had another personal training session, but now that I'm back on my work schedule, these are limited to evenings, when it's too dark to go to Seal Point. Boo. We resumed the usual Strength Training-only workouts:

3 1-min planks 3 1-min side planks, on each side

3 sets of: 10 push-ups 10 squats with shoulder presses holding 10# weights 10 sumo squats with overhead swings holding a kettle bell 10 jack knives *1-min rest in between sets

Thursday, January 5

Plan: 5-mile Run

Actual: AM: 5-mile Run - easy miles

PM: My first Bikram Yoga since December 12th! I did not realize it had been that long! It's no wonder my body was feeling achey and sore. After just one class, some of those aches and pains went away. It felt so good to be back to it again.

Friday, January 6

Plan: Strength Training & Yoga

Actual: AM: I hadn't swam in a while so I decided to skip Strength Training and swim instead. I used the pull buoy so it was like upper body strength training! I swam 2000 yards:

Warm-Up: 400 yards 3 sets of 400 yards with 1-min recovery time Cool Down: 400 yards

PM: Vinyasa Flow Yoga is also like strength training. This class was all about core and hip strength and I was pretty sore afterwards!

Saturday, January 7

Plan: 7-miles - Easy

Actual: Crystal Springs Trail Race


I had grand ambitions of going to more yoga classes during the week and was feeling a little guilty for not fitting them in. But in writing this post, I think it was a pretty good week for the first one of the year.

# of Miles Run: 16.22 (which means $16.22 in my piggy bank!) # of Yards Swam: 2000 # of Hours on Bike Trainer: 1 # of Hours Strength Training: 2 # of Hours Practicing Yoga: 3.5 # of Rest Days: 1