Week 10: March 5-11, 2012

Monday, March 5 AM: 1550-yard Swim

Going on Week 3 of swimming with my Garmin 910XT and I love it! I no longer have to count the alphabets in my head to keep track of how many laps I've swam. Instead, I can concentrate on form and breath - because it needs A LOT of improvement.

PM: 2-hr Thai Massage

The benefit of having a regular therapist is that they get to know you and can gauge your progress and any changes in your muscles, range of motions, etc. My massage therapist is like a doctor to me, perhaps more valuable than a real doctor. He's the one who told me my Sartorius muscle was causing my hip and knee problems. After 2 weeks of lots of foam rolling and stretching, we could both tell there's been a significant improvement.

Also, here's a great article from Active.com on the benefits of Thai Massage.

Tuesday, March 6

AM: Woke up to rain and 20+ mph winds. I immediately decided to postpone the run to the PM and went back to bed for an hour, then plopped on the couch and watched the Amazing Race, General Hospital and Bethenny.

PM: 1-hr run (6-miles) - 10 min/mile

I thought the wind would have died down by the afternoon, but no such luck. When I walked out the door there were 25+ mph gusts and it stayed steady for the entire run.

This workout was 15-min easy, followed by 15 1-min pick-ups with 1-min recoveries, then a 15-min cool down. I'm kinda amazed that even with my 15 1-min walking recoveries (because I *always* walk during recoveries), it still turned out to be an average of a 10 min/mile pace.

After the run I was so cold from all the wind that I did a quick 10-minutes of Legs At the Wall, then hopped into a hot bath. Instead of Epsom salts, I've been using Bath Therapy (also sold at Whole Foods). It makes the water a little oily but feels very rejuvenating, in a medicinal kind of way. Later that evening I spent another 35-min foam rolling and stretching.

Wednesday, March 7

AM: 1-hr Bike Trainer

PM: 1-hr Personal Training Session

Trainer Dave had afternoon's free this week so we were able to take advantage of the daylight and did an outdoor workout at Seal Point. I had been texting him that afternoon whining about being tired and not wanting to run stairs so he compromised. Instead of doing an all out stairs set, he mixed it in with the circuit:

10 TRX Atomic Push-Ups 10 TRX Body Rows 10 TRX Single Leg Squat with High Y Fly 1 set of running stairs

We did 5 sets with short breaks in-between each one. After we were done, I realize he tricked me. Although I didn't do a continual set of just stairs, what stairs I did run had an extra 40+ of them so I actually ran more stairs than I would have doing a separate set. Sneaky...

Thursday, March 8

Unscheduled Rest Day

Friday, March 9

I wasn't able to fit in Thursday's run so I moved it to Friday and skipped the scheduled swim workout. I had a 5-miler scheduled with the 3 middle miles being pick-up miles. But I had been up since 2 am and felt low energy all day. I just didn't have it in me so I ran 5 easy miles (9:32 min/mi) out to Seal Point where I then met my trainer for a TRX workout:

- 10 squats with bicep curls - 10 split stance squats with high fly Y - 10 single leg squats with single arm rows - in each side - 10 push-ups

We ended the workout with 3 hill sprints.

Saturday, March 10

4-hr Bike Skills Class from REI.

Sunday, March 11

Welp, the plan was for a 10-miler with the middle miles being at a faster pace - HMGP if you will. But it just wasn't my day. I only managed to run 8.39 miles at an average of 9:44 min/mi - not even close to plan. Oh well, I haven't had this happen to me on a weekend run in a while - it's bound to happen from time-to-time.

Towards the end of the run I developed a "hot spot" on top of my R foot. A friend had told me when this happens to rearrange the shoelaces and even sent me these videos. I stopped quite a few times to keep changing my shoelaces. By the end of the run they were barely tied. Funny, as soon as I took my shoes off, the pain went away.

I was really looking forward to the time change because I thought it meant that the mornings would be lighter. But when I woke up today it was darker than usual. Gah, just when it was getting light enough to run without a headlamp at 6 am. At this rate, I'll never get back to early AM runs...

As you can see, I didn't go to any yoga class this week. I have been feeling really tired and rundown so I kept things simple, but I'm looking to get back to my Zen in the coming week.