Week 13 of 2013: Mar 25-31

Mon, Mar 25: + Rest

Tues, Mar 26:

+ 49er Workout (2.88-mile Track Run)

The last time I did this workout (on 2/26) I pulled my hammy, so I was a little nervous about it -- but it went well!

+ 75-min Pilates-infused Yoga Class

Wed, Mar 27:

+ 45-min Strength Training

First strength training session with Trainer Dave in the month of March. He did go easy on me using just free weights, a kettle bell and my own body weight, but it wasn't as difficult as I thought it would be.

+ 35-min (3.70-mile) Run

+ 75-min Gentle Hatha Yoga Class

Thurs, Mar 28:

+ 6-mile Run

I was a little off with the timing of my meals and ate too soon before this run. I felt nauseous the whole time until I finally puked (over share)?

+ 25-min Pilates

Fri, Mar 29:

+ Spin + Strength Training

Unplanned Rest Day because this happened....

Unplanned Rest Day
Unplanned Rest Day

Sat, Mar 30:

+ 15.05-mile Run

Since my car was in the shop until that afternoon I was stuck running around my neighborhood in Foster City, which I abhor.

I would much rather run to views like this...

View from Lands End in San Francisco
View from Lands End in San Francisco

...than this....

View of the marshes in Foster City
View of the marshes in Foster City

The Bay Trail has no shade and is boring. Thankfully it was an overcast day so the usual glaring sun wasn't a problem.

This run was broken down into four 5K's with a warm-up mile and cool down. The first half of it went relatively well. I still struggled at times, but compared to the last half it was peachy.

The last two 5K's were a struggle. Physically I was fine. The most difficult part of the pacing was sticking to the slower-than-I-wanted-to-go paces. My legs felt fresh too. The struggle was being able to stay focused. My mind moves a million miles a minute and lately these long runs have been brutal. It was ugly but all the miles got done.

Sat, Mar 31:

+ 30-min Easy

The forecasted rain never came so I slept in, then went out on a very easy 30-min run. My legs were tired and my hips hurt a little but it was nice to be out in the sun in a tank and shorts.


So here's something I've been wondering about. What is your ritual after a long run? Or any run in general?

I come home:

+ Drink some dark chocolate almond milk. + Drink water. + Lightly stretch out my legs. + Prop myself up for some Legs at the Wall. I time myself with the stopwatch app on my iPhone, then browse social media while the time passes.

Do you shower, or eat something? This is where I'm not sure what to do. You're supposed to eat within 30-60 minutes after a run. But sometimes I have no appetite. Am I wrecking my recovery, particularly after a long run, if I don't eat right away? Sometimes its 2+ hours before I even feel hungry...

Anyway, just wondering, what's your post-long run routine?