Week 15: April 9-15

Monday, April 9 Plan Rest

Actual Rest

Tuesday, April 10

Plan 1-hr Run (Intervals)

Actual AM: 1500-yard Swim in 39:15 PM: 1-hr Intervals Run (5.80 miles, 10:22 min/mi)

This swim workout was scheduled for Wednesday, but I had early morning work meetings so I had to shift things around to fit it in. After doing so much Open Water Swimming in Hawai'i, I equate returning to the pool to be like the treadmill - only not as bad. I missed the black line and was happy to have it back again. Swam 150 yards w/u and c/d with 3 400-yard sets.

The evening run was rainy but I didn't mind. Ran a 15-min w/u and c/d with a ton of intervals in-between. This was my first double workout day in a while that didn't include a Yoga session. I was pretty happy about it.

Wednesday, April 11

Plan 1500-yard Swim Yoga

Actual Lunch: 1-hr Vinyasa Yoga Class PM: 30-min on the Stair Climber + 1-hr Strength Training

Triple Day! I always love a lunchtime yoga class - there's nothing like a good Savasana in the middle of the workday.

After work I had the overwhelming desire to do a Stair Climber workout (the one where the stairs move). I did 30-min at Level 6. It saddened me to think that I used to be able to do an hour at Level 10 and after this workout I'm motivated to build back up to it again.

After the Stair Climber Workout I had my first training session with Trainer Dave in 3 weeks. It was the first strength/resistance training I did during that time frame as well. This is why I train with him - I never do it on my own. He kept the workout simple since it was my first session back:

3 2-min Planks w/1-min Rest in between sets

5 sets of: - 10 Pushups - 10 TRX Squats + Rows - 10 Hamstring Curls on the Fitness Ball - 10 Jack Knives

Thursday, April 12

Plan 1-hr Run

Actual AM: 1-hr Spin Class Lunch: 1-hr Yin Yoga Class PM: 1-mile Untimed Warm-up + 1-hr Run (6.69 miles, 8:58 min/mi)

Another Triple Day! The Spin class was on my schedule for Friday, but since I ended my membership at Crunch, my group exercise options are limited at 24-hr Fitness. They just don’t offer the same robust class schedule. It hasn't been an issue before because I've been using the Bike Trainer that I have at home but I decided I needed to go to an actual Spin class so I shifted my schedule around to get to a class. As suspected, it was much more challenging than my "at-home" Bike Trainer workouts.

I was able to fit another lunchtime yoga class, this time a Yin class. As per usual, the class focused on the lower back and hips.

As for the run, it wasn't easy. It was broken up into 20-minute increments, with the assigned pace for each set progressively faster. The first 20 minutes were no problem. The next set got more challenging but doable. The last 20-minutes were left me feeling like my lungs were going to explode.

Friday, April 13

Plan 1-hr Spin Class

Actual 90-min Bikram Yoga Class

My favorite Bikram class! It's the least crowded and the instructor pays individual attention to us and corrects our form - I love it! The opening series, especially the Half Moon pose, was unusually difficult for me. My hamstring were really tight but I think the class helped to loosen them up just in time for Saturday

Saturday, April 14

Plan 16-mile Run

Actual 16-mile Run - 10:23 min/mi

With the marathon just 5 weeks away, the next several weekends will be full of long runs. For this one I decided I needed a changed of scenery so I packed my gear and took BART to the City. I dropped off my stuff at the 24-hr Fitness in the Embarcadero, and then headed to the Ferry Building to start my run.

Since it's only 14-miles from the Ferry Building, across the Golden Gate Bridge and back I started off by running in the opposite direction, to AT&T Park. I looped the ballpark back to the Ferry Building, which was just less than 3 miles. Along the way I ran into Rene, which was such a nice surprise! I stopped at the Ferry Building to use the facilities and then headed back out toward the GGB passing through Pier 39, Fisherman's Wharf, the Aquatic Park, Fort Mason and Crissy Field. It turned out to be quite the social scene as I ran into several more friends who were also out logging miles.

I made my way up to the Golden Gate Bridge where I learned that the bikers, runners and pedestrians had to share the same side of the bridge that morning. I kept yelling, "Single file please" because it was so crowded and dangerous with cyclists zipping by and 4-person wide walls of tourists. Just when I thought it couldn't get any worse, there was a group of tourists on bikes riding 4-wide. Without helmets. *_* I just don't know what to say about these people...

My iFitness belt failed me and I lost my gels along the way. Although I refilled my little handheld water bottle a few times but it just wasn't enough. I struggled to make it back to the Ferry Building and felt so depleted by the end of the run.

Sunday, April 15

Plan 1760-yard (1-mile) Swim

Actual 1886-yard (1750 meter) Swim in 42:50

Just another easy swim to work out some tightness in my legs after Saturday's run. I did a 250-m warm-up and 250-m cool down with 3 400-meter sets with a couple extra laps thrown in.

I am so happy with how this week turned out. I did early AM workouts from Tuesday through Sunday without any temptations to sleep in. I completed all my scheduled workouts, with a few additional ones thrown in for good measure. I've been able to (so far) successfully keep the shin splints at bay and my body is feeling pretty good. The nutrition thing on Saturday's run was unfortunate but easily fixable. I'm already looking forward to this coming week!