Week 17 - April 23 - 30

Monday, April 23

Plan Rest

Actual Rest

Tuesday, April 24

Plan 1-hr Run of Intervals

Actual 1-hr Run of Intervals

This run went well. I love these kinds of workouts but sometimes I think they contributed to my overwhelming need to take walk breaks. I push myself to do these intervals that take me way out of my comfort zone that by the time the recovery period comes around I'm at the "oh-my-gosh-I-want-to-die" level, which is pretty much how I had felt every time I ran this month. Who knows, but this workout went well and I'm so glad because I needed it.

Wednesday, April 25

Plan 30-min Stair mill Yoga Class

Actual 30-mi Stair mill

Every Wednesday a massage therapist comes to my office and we can sign up for massages. Up until the past 2 weeks, it's always been chair massages, which I always got for 30-minutes. Over the course of the past 3 or so years, the therapist has gotten to know me pretty well and knows where my usual "problem areas" are. She recently started bringing her massage table so this week I decided to skip the lunchtime yoga class in our office basement (another great perk at work) and get an hour-long full body massage instead.

Let me preface this by saying that all my problem areas have always been on my right side. My left side has always been my "good" side. Well as she worked on my legs she said my IT Bands were really tight (but I already knew that). She worked on Trigger Points on my L side, which left the knee and IT Band very tender. VERY tender.

Thursday, April 26

Plan 5-mile Run

Actual Rest Day

I only had time to run on Thursday morning and goodness gracious, my leg was still feeling tender. My coach said to rest it so I did.

Friday, April 27

Plan Rest

Actual Rest

I usually go to Bikram Yoga on Friday morning's but just didn't feel like it.

Saturday, April 28

Plan 10-mile Run

Actual 10-mile Run

You can read the details here, but if you don't, just know that it went very well. I was so pleased with it.

Sunday, April 29

Plan 10K Run

Actual Rest

I've taken more Rest Days in the past 4 days than I have all month. Since I "only" had 6.2 miles scheduled I decided to sleep in. Once I got up I decided to do this run at the local track. It's always good to change up the surface that you run on, and I could handle 6 miles of running in a circle.

I actually got dressed and drove there, but when I got there I found that it was closed for a dumb soccer game. So I went to the grocery store instead. When I got home it was past Noon and already too hot to run. I told myself I'd run later that evening. Except then I went out to eat with my cousins and was too full to run at all.

Monday, April 30

Plan Rest

Actual 4-mile Run

Since I was such a sloth on Sunday I got up for my first early morning run in weeks. I had downloaded the Metronome app to my iPhone and was all set to listen to it during my run. The Chi Running book says you set a metronome between 85-90 beats but 250 yards in I couldn't take it. I don't know if it was too slow or the fact that I can't run holding my iPhone, but I turned it off and switched to my iPod shuffle. There wasn't anything special about this run other than I kept the pace at 2-minutes slower than usual. My legs felt tired and heavy and I was more than okay with this.

As difficult as this month has been, I realized the following:

• I started the month feeling crappy after running that bummer of a race in Hawai'i. But as miserable as it was, there were 5 other half-marathons that I ran slower. So even though I felt terrible, it was by far, not my worst.

• Wednesday, April 25th was the 2nd anniversary of my first marathon. That first one was the hardest thing I've ever experienced but yet 2 years later I am still running them and have since learned a lot and vastly improved.

• As miserable as April was, I still ran 100+ miles.

And last night, a former colleague and friend send me this message:

"Hey Naomi! I ran my first marathon! And it was a killer one! Thought of you at the end. You inspired me to try one!"

Friend - I am so unbelievably flattered by this, but the fact that you ran Big Sur as your first marathon is an inspiration to me. Seriously. Congratulations!

I'm glad to be ending April on a better note and hoping for more good things in May - 19 days till Ogden.