Week 18: May 1-6, Plus a Few More Days

I'm not going to do a daily recap of Week 18 of 2012 - May 1-6. Instead, I'll just say that with the exception of 30-minutes on the Stair Climber, 1 Strength Training Workout and 1 Bikram Yoga class, all I did was run. I ran 5 out of 7 days and 4 days in a row, something which I can't remember doing before. The highlight of the was a 7-ish-mile Tempo run last Thursday. I went into this run psyched out from bad runs the previous 2 days. I was tired and sore, yet something during this one just clicked. I found the pace where I was working but not overtly so to put me over the edge. There were no panic attacks and not defeating thoughts. Instead, I realized just how strong my legs were. Then a thought came to me that said, "My body is strong and will do whatever I will it to do, I just need to get myself in a better place mentally." This run did this for me and put in a good mindset going into Saturday's long run.

Saturday's 22-miler was a win for me. The one thing that surprised me during that run was that my feet didn't hurt at all towards the end of it. Usually after a run that starts with the number "2" they are barking but this time, there was no pain or discomfort - they felt really good.

However, a few hours after the run my L knee started to stiffen up. I knew it wasn't a structural issue and was pretty sure it was my IT Band. I iced and rolled the hell out of it. It felt better on Sunday but I decided to play it safe and push Sunday's run to Monday morning.

That Monday run was an untimed run. Starting out my body felt stiff but loosened up quite nicely the further I ran. I used a knee brace (more like a knee compression thing) for extra support, which really helped.

I ran again this past Tuesday. It was an interval workout where I hit all my targeted paces but it was frustrating. Mostly because my legs are tired and I just could not get them to move the way I want them to move.

To be honest, my whole body is tired. This is pretty typical for me in the days leading up to a Full. I'm usually someone who can wake up before 5 am without an alarm, but this week I find myself pressing snooze at 7 am. The other night I got 9 1/2 hours of sleep and still felt like it wasn't enough. I keep putting yoga classes on my calendar but I just don't have the energy for it. At this point I figure rest is more important than anything else so I'm trying to stick to the schedule my Coach planned for me and not add on any extra workouts.

Some other things:

• I had a 2-hr Thai massage on Monday. I get one regularly every couple of weeks and I cannot imagine training for a marathon without it. My massage therapist told me that I was spot on with the call on my IT Band. It was knotted up pretty badly, along with my Quad and Hip - all on the same side - and all 3 were pulling on the stuff around my knee. It was an intense and painful session but it got most of the junk worked out.

• Last night I also saw my chiro for an ART session. She said that my L hip was also out of alignment which probably caused the other problems so she adjusted that and then did a little bit of ART which left me sore and tender so I skipped last night's run to rest.

• I've been taking Epsom Salt baths. Last night I drew an extra hot bath and had an ice pack next to me. I alternated my L IT band between the heat and ice every 5 minutes. It loosened it up quite a bit and I also had the best sleep ever.