Week 2: January 8-14, 2012

Sunday, January 8

Plan Rest Day

Actual Rest Day

Monday, January 9

Plan Strength Training 1-hr Bike Trainer

Actual AM: 1-hr Bike Trainer PM: Bikram Yoga

AM: 1-hr on the Bike Trainer watching Sunday Night's episode of The Good Wife. This is a great schedule for me on Monday's because I can just get up and walk to the next room to do my workout. No need to drive anywhere or run outside in the dark, cold morning.

PM: I have a mental block that I can't do Strength Training on my own without my personal trainer. It's a little ridiculous because I *can* and I have all the equipment at home, so I don't even have to walk out the door to get it done, but it still doesn't happen. It's the one thing that I just can't make myself do. So I went to an evening Bikram Yoga class instead - still lots of core work involved.

Tuesday, January 10

Plan 5-mile run, Speed Work

Actual 5.20-mile run, Speed Work Avg Pace: 9:56 min/mi

It was a pretty uneventful run. It did call for 2-miles of 1-minute pick-ups with 1-min recovery. When I program my Garmin, it doesn't program the number of intervals by miles, so I have to guess. I miscalculated so this run went a bit longer - 5.20 miles. I'm finding that I should judge a run the next day, when I feel how I my body respond to it. This one went pretty well - no out-of-ordinary soreness.

Wednesday, January 11

Plan Strength Training 1-hr Bike Trainer

Actual AM: 1-hr on the Bike Trainer watching Tuesday night's episode of The Biggest Loser.

PM: Strength Training

I workout with my trainer once a week, on Wednesday evenings, so I'm guaranteed to at least get one strength training workout done. Perhaps I can get over my mental block and do this on my own so I can get 2 or 3 strength training workouts done a week. Tonight's workout was:

• Three 1-min planks • 5 set circuit of: 15 push-ups 10 TRX body rows 10 TRX squats with bicep curls 10 hamstring curls on a fitness ball 10 squats with shoulder presses holding 10 lbs weights 20 Kettle bell swings **1-min rest in-between sets

Thursday, January 12

Plan 6-mile run

Actual 6-mile run Avg Pace: 10:00 min/mi

I started with doing some dynamic stretching, and then set my Garmin to display Distance only. I am trying to learn to run by feel so I'm trying to get used to not seeing my paces while I'm running. I wanted to run easy, even paces and get used to what that felt like. I did pretty well:

Mile 1: 10:09 Mile 2: 10:04 Mile 3: 9:58 Mile 4: 10:01 Mile 5: 10:03 Mile 6: 9:49

I was happy with how this went and how I felt. After the run I drank some Zico coconut water and went through my post-run stretches - something I did to do more of. I've recently started doing some in Yin Yoga poses after my run. Today I did Legs at the Wall for 15 minutes and then Sleeping Swan (aka Pigeon) for 5-minutes on each leg.

Friday, January 13

Plan Strength Training Yoga

Actual Bikram Yoga

I worked from home and had been somewhat battling a cold, so I went to an early morning Bikram Yoga class to see if the heat would help clear up some congestion. There were only 15 people in the class so we had a lot of room and lots of individualized attention from the instructor. I loved it.

I could see myself in the mirror (which makes a huge difference in correcting form) and got some useful tips from the instructor to make certain poses more effective. I also didn't sweat as much and overall, felt really, really good after class.

Saturday, January 14

Plan 9-mile Run, Easy

Actual 9-mile Run, Easy Avg Pace: 9:54 min/mi

Up until that very morning I debated whether to do this run solo on Saturday morning, or with a bunch of my favorite Bay Area running friends on Sunday. In the end I decided to stick to my original schedule and run on Saturday so I that I could indulge and enjoy the SF 49er playoff game without having to worry about running on Sunday.

My cousin Michi has long recommended CWX compression tights. I had gotten a pair last month and finally wore them during this run. It was an adventure just getting into them, but they fit well and felt good during the run.

I mapped out a new route around town that took me out to the Bay where there were tons of runners and bikers - many of whom wore 49er gear - lots of Patrick Willis #52 jersey sightings! Loved it!

Like Thursday, I had my Garmin set to display Distance only, but I did get alerts at every mile. I started out easy and just let my body ease into the run. The weather was ideal, sunny and cool. I want to try adding protein to what I eat during my runs, so I tried a chocolate Accel-Gel at Mile 6. I tasted okay and didn't upset my stomach.

At the end of the run I still felt so fresh, like I could have run longer. It was such a great feeling; I really could not ask for a more perfect run.


I'd still like to take one or two more yoga classes during the week, but it really is subject to my work schedule. Overall, it was still a really good week.

# of Miles Run: 20.20 (which means $20.20 in my piggy bank!) # of Yards Swam: 0 # of Hours on Bike Trainer: 2 # of Hours Strength Training: 1 # of Hours Practicing Yoga: 4 # of Rest Days: 1