Week 2 of 2013: Jan 6-12

Sun, 1/6:

Raced the DSE Golden Gate Park 10K and PR'd!

Mon, 1/7:

Rest Day - but in keeping up with my January 30-day Challenge, did 25-min of Pilates at home using a Windsor Pilates workout on Hulu Plus

Tues, 1/8:

4.30-mile run at the local track. The workout consisted of 200's, an 800 and all the other stuff like warm-ups, cool downs, recoveries and plyo drills.

Followed it up with 25-min of Pilates and 35-min of Yoga for Runners. This Yoga for Runners workout is making a huge difference in my post-workout recoveries, especially with all the track stuff I've been doing.

Wed, 1/9:

12:30 pm: 45-min Strength and Conditioning workout with Trainer Dave at the park:

Warm-Up: 3 x 1-min Planks 3 sets of: 15 Push-Ups + 10 TRX Low Rows + 10 TRX High Y's + 1 set of Stair Running (95 steps) + 10 Burpees

5:00 pm: 45-min Bike Trainer 5:45 pm: 25-min Pilates 6:10 pm: 35-min Yoga for Runners

Thurs, 1/10:

4.28-miles of hill repeats. Hadn't done this since before the holidays. I died.

That evening I needed a break from the yoga and just did 25-min of Pilates.

Fri, 1/11:

Trainer Dave was out of town so took a TRX Bootcamp class. It was my first since Christmas Eve and it was tough - so of course I loved it.

We warmed-up on the TRX doing squats, lunges (tons of them), low rows, golf swings, and some cardio stuff like jumping jacks, high knees and quick steps. Then we did a core circuit that just about did me in.

After that we moved into a 3-station circuit of: TRX Full Body Rows + Ropes + Squats with Weighted Overhead Presses. It was followed by burpess and planks, and a second 3-station circuit of: Oblique work on the TRX Rip Curler + Rope Swings + Weighted Reverse Lunges.

I thought that was the end of the workout, but then we did one more circuit: 12 Kettle Bell Swings (20 lbs) + 10 Push-Ups. We had 4-minutes to do five rounds and with each round we reduced the number of push-ups by two. I managed to finish with 45-min to spare and did jumping jacks to finish out the time.

Whew - that's the first time I was able to remember an entire bootcamp workout!

Later in the day I went to an actual Pilates class at a local yoga studio. I purchased a Groupon and it was my first class there. Let's just say it was an...interesting experience. I want to take a few more classes before I write a review of the studio, which I'll share in a few weeks. But needless to say, the workout itself was very good.

Sat, 1/12:

9-mile Run - my longest run since October 2012.

I close out the week with:

+ 23.80-miles Run + 45-min on the Bike Trainer + 140-min of Yoga + 185-min of Pilates + 1.5 hrs of Strength and Conditioning Training