Week 21

Last week was the 21st week of the year. Random fact, I know, but I tend to be full of them. I usually write these posts at the end of the week but the laziness of the long weekend took over so I'm playing a little catch up.


Donut Run!


AM: I rode the Spin bike on my own for about 30 minutes, mainly just to warm-up before my 30-minute Core class. I hate going into Core without already having a sweat going on. In the Core class we only used our body weight, which is never a good thing for me. That means lots of crunches and planks. I tend to get bored with doing these for 30 straight minutes, but I always feel good after.


I made my return to yoga! After 6 weeks off it felt good to be back. After the Donut Run, my right hamstring felt a little tight so the yoga really helped to loosen up some of the knots.


A 4-mile cruise around the neighborhood. It was one of those great moments where I was so deep in thought that I didn't even realize I was running. Such a great feeling! And one that I'll have to hang on to for a while because things have kinda gone downhill from here.


AM: I did the Power Drill workout on the Nike Training app. This one was different than the other ones I've done before in that there wasn't a set pattern of repeating the set 3 or 4 times. Instead, the exercises were random and kept my heart up the entire time. I think this may be my favorite workout so far, but there's so many different ones left to try!

PM: Spin class - 3 hills with lots of seated climbs and a few bursts of speed. Intense!


I had dinner plans so I returned to early AM running. My right leg wasn't feeling very good so I ran at the high school track - softer surface. I ran 5 easy, Garmin-free miles but still didn't feel that great and had a hard time keeping my focus. But the temps were ideal - 48 degrees! - so there wasn't much to complain about.


I set out in the early AM again for 8 miles at the same track, but this time could only finish 6 of those miles. I felt like I hurt everywhere on my right side. My calf has been really, really tight for a while and now I think it's causing problems elsewhere - like in my Achilles, hip and in the fascia that runs along the inside of my leg (next to the shin, but not shin splints). If you recall, this same problem plagued me last Fall when I trained for the Portland Marathon, but on the left side.

I honestly believe there's some deep knots in my calf that's causing this so I'm seeing my massage therapist for a Trigger Point massage later this week, and then I have another ART appt with my chiro next week.


I had the pool to myself - just me and just me! I turned on my iPod and swam 2000 meters in peace and quiet. No old ladies in shower caps floating on noodles, no old men bathed in perfume sitting outside the sauna, no "loud" swimmers excessively splashing everywhere. It was bliss!


I had 8 miles on my schedule but knew that there was no way my body was going to cooperate. So I decided to head to the Stanford Dish. It’s a 3.5-mile trail that's nothing but hills. My plan was to run/walk this, knowing that I'd probably walk more than run. But at least with the hills, the walking would still be a workout.


I had grand ambitions to do a 3-hour workout of swimming, lifting and yoga today, but in reality, I'll be lucky if any of them get done. I have a new yoga DVD that I've wanted to try for a few weeks now. If I can get that done, I'll consider today a success!