Week 22

Although it was a disappointing week, I still managed to finish it out with some fun workouts.

Sunday: Took it easy after a sore run and walked The Dish.

Monday: Rest Day

Tuesday AM: An intense Spin class PM: Upper Body Strength Training

Wednesday AM: Yoga PM: 5-mile run

Thursday: Forced Rest

Friday: 2000-meter swim

Saturday: 2600-meter swim

I've been wearing the Dorsi-Flex boot at night and dousing my foot in Ibuprofen gel. It is getting better - I'm not limping so much anymore, but I still have to walk down stairs sideways. I still don't think it's ready for running so that'll have to wait, hopefully just a few more days.

Last Friday evening I went to see my sports massage therapist where I was treated to a 90-minute Trigger Point special. Actually, it wasn't that bad and Heather said that my legs were in better shape than she expected. There still is some things going on in my right calf, but it wasn't at all as tight as it was a month ago.

She did a lot of work on my scapula area (my right shoulder blade is in a permanent state of hurt) and glute meds. She said that along with the calves, they are referral areas. It made me feel like I'll forever hurt in these areas. :(

Another theory I've been thinking about is that I don't have Spin shoes and just use my regular cross-trainers when I go to Spin. A couple of weeks ago the Spin teacher told me to make sure I point my feet downwards, if not, it could lead to feet problems and shin splints. Now I'm wondering if this may be an issue...any have any thoughts on this?

Can you tell that injuries make me go crazy? Blah.