Week 23

Last week's workouts looked much like the previous weeks -- no running: Sunday

Core Fusion Arms & Abs, followed by Core Fusion Yoga


AM: Spin + Core class PM: Skipped yoga in lieu of going to the SF Giants game


AM: 2500 meter Swim PM: Rest


AM: Stairmill (the one where the stairs move) PM: Core Fusion Yoga


AM: 2500 meter Swim PM: Rest


70-minute Spin in my new Spin shoes!



I must confess, I didn't really miss running all that much this past week. Maybe it's because my feet (yes, as in both of them) remind me with every step that it's still not 100%. Surprisingly, I'm not as stressed or panicked about this latest injury as I usually get. Perhaps it's because my next race isn't until the end of July...

Instead, I got my running fix by reading many blog posts about training and races. I'm enjoying this break, which will hopefully prove beneficial for when I start to gear up for all the races I have planned for the second half of the year.