Week 23: June 4-11 - Becoming A Gym Rat Again

Here's how last week's workouts went down:

Mon, 6/4

Much needed Rest Day where I got a 2-hr Thai Massage. I'm sure I've posted it before, but if you missed it, here is a great article on the benefits of Thai massage.

Tues, 6/5

AM: 1-hr on the Stair Climber (the Revolving Stairs) Lunchtime: 1-hr Yin Yoga Class PM: 45-min Leg Strengthening Workout

I think I am one of the few people in the world who loves the Revolving Stairs. Back in the day, I used to spend an hour on it 5 days a week. It's great for building lower body strength and still getting some serious cardio done. My personal favorite is doing the Fat Burn Program. I usually start at a Level 4 and then work up to a Level 10 by the peak part of the workout. My Coach gives me different workouts for it which makes the time fly by.

I also did a Leg Strengthening Workout my Coach gave me entirely on my own. I was kinda lazy about it, doing the minimal at home in my living room, but still, major progress to get it done on my own without my Trainer there yelling at me to get it done.

Wed, 6/6

5-mile Run + 1-hr Strength Training

I had a great 5-miler. I'm starting to feel the joy and love again. My IT Band is still wonky, but it's not getting worse. Shortly after my run I worked out with Trainer Dave and did a simple circuit that was light on the legs, and more focused on core and upper body using the TRX.

Thurs, 6/7

35-min Swim

I had planned to swim for at least 45-min, preferably longer, but the pool was crowded at 6 am. There were quite a bit of people waiting patiently for lanes to open up, so I kept my swim down to a minimum. It had been a long time since I swam and it took a good 10-15 min before I felt comfortable in the water, especially with my breathing.

Fri, 6/8

1-hr on the Stair Climber Visit to the RunFit Clinic (more on this later)

Sat, 6/9

5-mile Run

This went pretty much exactly like Wednesday's run - same route, same distance, same feelings :)

Sun, 6/10

1-hr Legs Strengthening Workout + 1-hr Spin Class

Holy Moses talk about dead legs. I did the same Legs Strengthening Workout that I did on Tuesday. This time, I did it at the gym, and did 3 sets of 20 reps each. First, being in front of the mirror at the gym makes a huge difference. I can pay attention and make corrections for my form when I'm off. I also added some weight to a couple of the exercises which make them even harder. The entire workout took a little over an hour and my legs were shaking by the time I was done.

I'm not sure how I managed an entire Spin class right after it, but I did (and snacked on a Picky Bar and Tropical Nuun in between hours). There was lots of pickups and "climbing" in the Spin class and I didn't couldn't push as hard as I wanted to, but I was nice and sweaty when it was over.

I've spent more time in the gym this past 2 weeks than I've had all year. As much as I love running outside, and even working out at home, there is nothing like a good 'ol sweatfest at the gym. I spent the first few years regaining my fitness in the gym and I'm finding that being there is awakening the same drive and determination that I had back then.

PS If you've been reading for a while, you'll remember that I was registered for the Mermaid Sprint Triathlon. Well it took place this past weekend and I didn't do it. With everything that's happened in the past month, I just wasn't focused on it and didn't need the extra stress. I do want to do a tri someday - I mean, I do have a wet suite and road bike (that I oh so wish was a beach cruiser right now) that I need to put to use! In the meantime, Beth rocked it so check out her recap on it!