Week 24

It's Saturday afternoon and this is the 3rd weekend in a row of not running. At the start of the week I felt okay with it. But then mid-week rolled around and I was really sad and anxious to start running again. But after today, I'm back to being patient and allowing it the time it needs to heal -- although I still really do miss it... How's that for "all over the map?"

Sunday Sunday was a travel day back from Seattle. Technically I arrived home early enough to where I could have done a workout, but I didn't. If I don't wake up with the mindset of doing a workout for the day, then 99.9% of the time it's not happening. This was one of those times.

Monday AM: Spin - I didn't have time to get a full hour at the gym due to work obligations so I skipped my Core class (sadness) and just spent 40 minutes on the Spin bike.

PM: Yoga - We had a substitute teacher. I always get nervous with a sub, because you never know what their style is like. But I trust in the regular teacher to provide us with a quality instructor and she was! It was a really, REALLY hard day at work and the class provided me with a way to release the stress and decompress from the day.

Tuesday AM: Spin - Went to an actual Spin class. We "rode" 2 big hills and a whole lotta intervals.

PM: It had been 13 days since I ran and I was anxious to get the legs moving again. I had a podiatrist appointment the next day so I said, "Screw it, I'm gonna do a test run to see how it feels. If it gets messed up more, at least I'm seeing the doctor tomorrow."I got 2 miles in.

Wednesday Unplanned Rest Day.

I went to see the podiatrist where I got interesting news. I was relieved to hear that my foot was only sprained and not broken, and ecstatic to finally learn the cause of the feet and lower leg problems that have haunted me for the past year. I also left the doc's office on a mission to research the diagnosis and how to manage it.

By the end of the day I had ordered an ankle brace, a couple of pairs of stability running shoes (I tried them on a Road Runners first, then ordered them online) and made an appointment to get fitted for custom orthotics (thankfully covered by insurance!).

Thursday Revisited the stairmill for a slow and steady workout. I don't know what it is about this machine, but I always sweat buckets by the time I'm done.

Friday Solo Spin for 1 hr 10 minutes.

Saturday I'd been haphazardly doing strength training on my own and just wasn't putting forth the effort that I want and need to. So I decided to start scheduling sessions with Dave (trainer) again.

This morning we sat down and talked about my goals and reviewed the results of my RMR test and other tests I recently had done. He set the expectations of what I am going to have to do to reach my goals. Basically we're looking at 3 strength-training sessions a week - 1 with him and 2 on my own (but with guidance from him).

We ended the session with 30-minutes of lifting, just trying to build back to the base that I was already at. I hadn't lost as much strength as I thought I did, but there's still plenty of work left to be done there.

But overall, I was left feeling energized, excited and inspired! I can't wait to start the new week!