Week 24: June 12-17, 2012

On the 24th week of 2012 I ran a total of 6 miles. And 3 of those 6 miles were amazing in that I felt zero pain. Unfortunately, I felt numbness in my foot (left side again), something I've felt the past few runs. At first I wasn't too concerned about it, but it started to become more and more noticeable to the point where I finally said something about it to my PT and my Coach. Both said no running for the rest of the week, which was a complete bummer after a pain-free run. I was looking forward getting back to a more regular running schedule; instead this is how the week went:

Tues, 6/12

AM: 30-min on the Bike Trainer, followed immediately by a 3-mile Run.

Since my runs for the past few weeks have all been, "see-how-the-body-feels" runs, I haven't been using my Garmin. But based upon time out-the-door-and-back, I'm guessing that the paces haven't been too bad at all. This was also my first early AM run in ages, and it was so nice to run as the day was breaking.

That evening we scored last minute tickets to the G's game and brought Jas along for her first game of the year.


Can you tell she was excited?! We missed Matt Cain's PERFECT GAME by 1 night, but were still happy we got to see MadBum hit a HR.

Wed, 6/13

Lunch Time: 1-hr Vinyasa Yoga Class PM: 30-min Strength Training

I can no longer stay out past my bedtime on week days and expect to wake up at 5 am for an early morning workout. Luckily, I didn't have to. I went to the weekly Yoga class that is offered in my office, then had a workout with Trainer Dave that evening. We spent the first half hour going over the results of my PT visit and taking measurements. It had been years since I had last taken my measurements. I still have the spreadsheet with my measurements going back to 2005; it's nice to have the data to see changes over the years. I was still feeling the Leg Strength Workout I did on Sunday (3 days later!) so we took it easy on the legs and did Core and Upper Body exercises.

Thurs, 6/14

AM: 1-hr on the Stair Climber Lunch Time: 1-hr Yin Yoga Class

Fri, 6/15

AM: RunFit Clinic Session #2

I know I still haven't posted about the RunFit Clinic, but I will soon. Promise.

Sat, 6/16

TRX Upper Body Strength Training, followed immediately by a 1-hr Spin Class

Although I've been a member at 24-hr Fitness for a year and a half, I haven't been a regular at the Group Exercises classes the way I was at Crunch. I wasn't sure how early I needed to be there before Spin Class to get a ticket (you have to get a ticket to reserve a bike in class). They start handing the tickets out an hour before the class so I got there at about that time and decided to do some strength training (something I said I was going to focus on) before class. I reviewed a bunch of TRX videos I had the night before and put together this TRX workout:

3 sets of: - 1-min Planks - 10 Atomic Push-ups - 10 Low Rows - 15 Squats with Bicep Curls - 15 High Y's - 15 Chest Press' - 15 Prone Abductions - new exercise I'd never done before!

Feeling the effects of this workout big time today.

Sun, 6/17

3-mile Run, followed by 50-min Leg Strength Workout

After Friday's RunFit session my PT gave me the green light to run this weekend and gauge the foot numbness. I ran 3 easy (and hot) miles that went....eh. My foot still felt numb, but it was very mild - nothing like what I felt before. But I did feel some discomfort on my L knee in the last quarter mile.

As soon as I was done running I hopped in my car and drove to the gym. I was going to either Swim or do the Stair Climber but when I got there I didn't feel like doing more cardio. So instead, I did the Leg Exercises that I did last Sunday. They were still tough but easier than last week.

Overall, a relatively light(er) week than what I'm used to, but still quality workouts. I'm most proud of the 3 Strength Training workouts, 2 on my own! Progress!