Week 25

We're almost halfway through the year! Can you believe it?! It was a big training week for me! Not only was I officially back on the Strength Training bandwagon, but I also started running again! Yay!


Rest Day


AM: 30 minutes of Spinning and 30 minutes of Core PM: Yoga


AM: 4-mile run!

I have decided to go back to doing weekday running at the track. As much as I would love to just run straight from my front door and around the neighborhood, the softer surface is so much better for my feet. With all the feet issues I am trying to manage, I feel that I should baby them as much as possible.

I was very apprehensive about this run, unsure about how it would go. It went a lot better than I expected. And even though I felt fine after the run, I still iced, stretched and did my feet strengthening exercises on both feet.


AM: 50 minutes on the Stair mill (the one where the stairs move) PM: Strength Training - I had a full session with my trainer that you can read about here.


PM: 4-mile run

I was worried that I would be really sore after my strength training session on Wednesday so I put this run off until the evening. Surprisingly, the legs felt fine with very little DOMS.


AM: Strength Training + 70-minute Spin session

Both workouts on my own and done by 7:30 am! Though I'm having weekly strength training sessions with my trainer, he still wants me to strength train 3 times a week. So for the other 2 sessions, he gives me workouts to do on my own.

This session was devoted to Chest and Tri's:

3 sets of 15 each:

- Push-ups - Fly’s using 10-12 lbs weights - Straight-arm dip push-ups on the fitness ball (this was really, really hard) - Bench dips - Cable fly’s at 10-15 lbs - Reverse grip cable pull-downs at 40 lbs - Jack knives lying on a bench

I'm pretty familiar with all the equipment and machines in the gym so I had no problem using them. It was just so nice to have a plan that told me exactly what to do - at what weight and how many reps; so much better than aimlessly wandering the gym floor. I definitely felt this workout for the next 2 days.

After lifting, I spent 70-minutes on the Spin bike. Since there isn't any class on Friday mornings, I alternated what I was doing every 5-minutes - flat to hill, seated to standing, etc.

It was a great way to start the day!


A much needed rest day.


5-miles at a Bay Area Running Blogger's Meet-Up!

Adding strength training to my workout schedule definitely makes Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays a lot busier, but having the balance feels so much better already. Looking forward to another week!