Week 26

Last week was Week 26, as in we're officially into the second half of 2011. Where has the year gone?! Overall, I'd say it was a good week for me - I mixed up my workouts, listened to my body and ran the farthest distance since June 1st.


Ran 5 miles at a Bay Area Blogger's Meet-up!


AM: Did a 30-minute Strength Training workout (Legs) at home, then headed to the gym for 30-minutes on the Spin bike, then 30-minutes of Core Training on the BOSU ball.

PM: Forced myself to go to Yoga class, but once I was there, I was glad that I went.


A 5-mile run in the rain!


AM: I was supposed to do a Stairs workout, but asked to swim instead since it'd been a while since I'd had a swim workout. My coach gave me a mix of long and short drills to do that totaled 2900 meters. It was the hardest workout I'd had in a long time! I was hungry and exhausted all day - in other words, I loved it! :)

PM: Did a 60-minute Strength Training session, working on Chest and Tri's.


I was scheduled for another 5-mile run but my foot was feeling a little off so I elected to take a rest day and make up the miles on Sunday.

Friday 70-minute Spin session on the bike!


I usually workout with my trainer on Wednesday evenings but Dave had to reschedule this week so we met on Saturday morning instead. This workout was for the Back and Biceps:

3 sets of 15 of:

- 1-minute planks - Dead lifts using 20 lb weights - Single leg dead lifts using 5 lb weights (on each leg) - 1-arm rows using a 20 lb weight (on each side) - Reverse fly's using 10 lb weights - Hammer curls using 10 lb weights

This was a great workout, and I definitely felt the dead lifts; in fact, they lingered for a few days....


The long awaited Ramen Run! A group of us (many from last Sunday's Blog Run) met in Golden Gate Park for an almost 7-mile run followed by lunch at Genki Ramen. It was the longest distanced I'd run since spraining my foot on June 1st. Though it was HOT (this area of the City is normally foggy) and hilly, and though we made stops along the way, it was the best I've felt in weeks. While my foot felt fine for the rest of the day, it was a little achy this morning, but it's definitely moving in the right direction!