Week 3: January 15-21, 2012

Well, I'm slowly coming out of depression over the 49ers loss. I watched the game with my cousins and friends. We all love this team so much, and after such an inspiring season, it was a tough loss to take. More than anything, my heart breaks for the Niner Defense - best defense I have ever seen. Justin Smith and Patrick Willis absolutely inspire me.

Sunday, January 15

Plan Rest Day

Actual Rest Day

After the Niners win in the NFC Divisional game, I was so emotionally spent, I felt like I had no energy going into the week. I felt "off" and the mojo just wasn't flowing.

Monday, January 16

Plan Strength Training 1-hr Bike Trainer

Actual Strength Training

I took advantage of the MLK holiday and met Trainer Dave (also a life long 49er fan) at Seal Point for an outdoor workout.

3 sets of: - 10 TRX Atomic push-ups - 10 TRX body rows - 10 TRX one-legged squats w/body rows

3 sets of 5 laps of stairs (50 stairs up, 50 stairs down): - 1st: 3:16 - 2nd: 3:12 - 3rd: 3:08 *1-min rest in-between sets

2 hill repeats: - 1st: 00:31 - 2nd: 00:29 *1-min rest in-between sets

Tuesday, January 17

Plan 5-mile Run, Speed Work

Actual 6.18-mile Run, Speed Work

So the actual running time was 5-miles, but factor in the recovery times in between intervals and you end up with 6.18 miles. It wasn't the greatest run. I thought it would only be 5-miles so I misjudged the time and got stressed out when it took longer. I thought I was going to be late for evening plans with RoadBunner and Audrey. The evening plans all worked out, but overall, I just didn't feel good during this run. It felt forced, I didn't feel in control, and my calves were killing me from running stairs the day before.

Wednesday, January 18

Plan Strength Training 1-hr Bike Trainer

Actual 1-hr Vinyasa Flow Yoga 30-min Bike Trainer 1-hr Strength Training

I need to remember that triple workout days wipe me out, physically *and* mentally.

Strength Training Workout:

3 1-min planks 3 1-min side planks on each side

5-sets of: 10 push-ups 10 squats with shoulder presses holding 10 lb weights 10 sumo squats with KB overhead presses using 20 lb KB 10 lateral arm raises holding 5 lb weights 10 hamstring curls on fitness ball 10 jack knives **1-min rest in between sets

None of the workouts were particularly overpowering, but all 3 in one day was just too much. The rest of the week went downhill from here. And can I just say how bored I am on the Bike Trainer?!? I'm so over it right now.

Thursday, January 19

Plan 6-mile Run

Actual 5-mile Run Bikram Yoga

I felt wrecked from Wednesday and could only manage 5-miles. And even then, it felt so hard. I figured since I had banked a mile on Tuesday's run, I could cut this one short.

To try and snap out of the funk, I went to a Silent Bikram Yoga class. It helped loosen up some tight muscles and work out some aches, but I still felt blah.

Friday, January 20

Plan Strength Training Yoga

Actual Unplanned Rest Day

I worked from home and needed a Fat Dog Day.

(Fat Dog Day = days where you do nothing but lay around, read magazines, watch TV/movies and eat all day. Must have at least one per week...)

Saturday, January 21

Plan 11-mile Run

Actual 11.33-mile Run

This was my first double-digit run since CIM on December 4th. I would like to say it went well. If you look at the average pace per my Garmin of 9:22 min/mile, you would think it did.

Truth was, it was a stormy weekend. I ran along the Bay where the winds were 20+ mph. It was miserable. I had to stop several times when my hat flew completely off (this happened about 4 times), when the dust and sand kept blowing in my eyes and mouth, and when I had to stop and put on a jacket when it down poured. I love running in the rain, but running in soaking wet clothes in the wind is not fun - at all.

I was supposed to run 2 of the 11 miles at a 9:10 min/mile pace. They ended up being sub-9. I think mostly because I just wanted the whole darn thing over with.

One thing to note, I decided to try out some new nutritional products so this was my second longer run eating an Accel-Gel and the first one drinking Accelerade. The good news is that neither upset my stomach and both tasted okay. The neutral news is, I didn't feel any different from the other products that I had been taking. I plan to continue experimenting with these and see how it goes.