Week 3 of 2013: Jan 13-19

Sun, 1/13: + 4-mile Easy Run + 25-min Pilates

Mon, 1/14:

+ Rest Day, but I still did a 25-min Pilates workout

Tues, 1/15:

+ 5.90 Track workout from Hell + 35-min Yoga

Wed, 1/16:

+ 45-min Spin + 45-min Strength Training Session with Trainer Dave: Warm-Up: 3 1-min Planks, 3 1-min Side Planks on each side 3 sets of: 15 Push-Ups, 15 Squats, 15 Hamstring Curls on Fitness Ball, and 15 Burpees + 25-min Pilates

Thurs, 1/17:

+ 4.23-mile Run, Hill Repeats + 25-min Pilates + 35-min Yoga

Fri, 1/18:

+ 2200-meter Swim (1-hr) + 25-min Pilates

Sat, 1/19:

+ 11-mile Run + 35-min Yoga

The Good: + The Spin workout was a killer. + Kept up with my January goal of 20-min of Yoga or Pilates every day. + This view on my 11-miler.

Sawyers Camp
Sawyers Camp

The Bad:

+ How frozen my hands get while running, even if wearing gloves. I'm seriously over this cold weather (and by cold I mean low 30's in the AM). + Tuesday's track workout was hard; I did not embrace it.

The Ugly:

+ Saturday's 11-mile run. It was broken up into six segments and by the third one I was struggling. By the fourth one I was slogging and by the fifth one I was keeling over. I also forgot to take any fuel, and it was so cold I didn't drink much even though I carried my Amphipod handheld (and hated every minute of it). Just overall, an ugly, ugly, run.

But it's a good thing this happened which is all I'm going to be able to think about for the next two weeks!

Photo via 49ers Facebook Page
Photo via 49ers Facebook Page