Week 30

So this is going to be a short post. I may have only run the 2nd Half of SFM, but it took a lot out of me and I am wiped out. After getting home from the race festivities, I just laid on my bed for like a couple of hours staring at the ceiling. Couldn't nap. Eventually I got up to make chicken tacos and 11 of the 12 shells in the box were cracked. So they turned into nachos. Except all I had was the chicken and shells. So plain nachos.

My plan was to continue with the Harry Potter movies. I've watched 1-5 in the past week and today should have been HP and the Half Blood Prince. Only, it's not available on On-Demand. How can it be the only one not available on On-Demand?! I had to settle for HP and the Deathly Hollows Part I.

Okay that was a tangent, back on track.


AM: 30-min of Spin, followed by the usual 30-min Core class. We partnered up and did a series of core exercises using the medicine ball. I felt this one for a few days.

PM: 30-min of Strength Training (Back & Biceps), followed by 30-min of general stretching. Despite my good intentions, I never made it to yoga. That means I missed it for the entire month of July. And I can't go again tomorrow night because I have a massage appointment. Sigh - I really need to figure this out, I desperately need it.


6+ miles run at the track.


AM: 2500-meter Swim

PM: Strength Training session with my trainer (Chest & Triceps)


5-mile run


Rest Day.

My hamstrings haven't been feeling so hot so I went to see my chiro. I had the leg-lengthening problem again. Now that I've been seeing her for a year, she's able to track trends with me. When my left leg shortens, I start to have problems with my right leg. This time I started having some hip discomfort, which then moved down to my hamstring, then my lower leg.

She adjusted my hips and corrected the leg length issue and then did ART to work out a lot of adhesions in both hamstrings. They felt SO MUCH better afterwards. She also said that my muscles were swollen. Not in an inflamed way, but more likely from being dehydrated. So she instructed me to stop drinking protein drinks and such and just drink more plain water and coconut water.


2-mile run


13.1 (or 13.37 if you go by my Garmin) run - the San Francisco Marathon - 2nd Half.

I'll write a whole race report tomorrow, but I'll just say it went much better than expected.