Week 31

Last Sunday's race left me so tired that I took 2 full rest days this past week, but got back into the swing of things shortly thereafter.






Since I took the day off of work to go to the SF Giants game I got to sleep in and went to a 9 am Spin class. Surprisingly, it was way more crowded than the 6 am Spin classes. Who knew?!?


2500 meter Swim. This was my first 6 am workout of the week. I didn't feel like doing it at all until I finally got in the pool. My swim cap ripped halfway through this workout, but thankfully, it still stayed on my head.


There isn't any Friday morning Spin class, so I did a solo Spin workout and had the whole Spin studio to myself!


Technically Saturday was a rest day, but I went to a 3-hour Stand-Up Paddle-boarding class with Layla. It was SO MUCH FUN! I'll have to write a blog post solely dedicated to this. Incidentally, I did burn a lot of calories doing this so I'm counting it as a workout.


I've decided to name Sunday's, "Sunday Rundays" because meeting with friends for a run followed by lunch has become a regular thing.

Today I met up with Audrey for the last 5 miles of her long run. We met in Golden Gate Park where it was cold and very, very foggy. I was wearing a tank top, but had grabbed a long-sleeved shirt at the last minute as I ran out of my house. I was so glad that I did because I ended up changing and wearing the long-sleeved shirt instead.

For today's run we decided to change things up a bit. We met on the south end of the park at 19th Avenue and MLK Drive and ran clockwise. Still not completely flat route, but I think the hills are more gradual running in this direction versus running counter clockwise (at least in my opinion).

Along the way we passed Sandra, who is running an ultra marathon in Nevada next weekend!

After we were all done running, we went to Saiwaii, a new ramen place in the Sunset District. The menu wasn't as diverse as Genki Ramen (our usual place), but I did enjoy the Spicy Miso Ramen and the spicy tuna rolls.

I'm so glad I had a light week, but as you can see, still no yoga and no strength training whatsoever. My goal for this coming is to make sure I get at least one yoga session in and 3 strength-training sessions.