Week 32

Despite some recurring aches and pains, I really felt like this past training week was a good one. I slept well (at least 7 hours every night), ate well and overall, just felt well balanced.


Yoga: As I mentioned last week, I have really skimped out on my yoga practice since early July and I've really felt the difference. My muscles have been tight and stiff, which makes the rest of me, not feel so great. So after I got home from Sunday Runday festivities, I put in a good hour of yoga and felt so much better.


Spin / Core: My usual Monday routine is to get to the gym before 6 am so I can get at least 30 minutes on the Spin bike before my 6:30 am Core class. Well I had a hard time waking up that morning and got to the gym later than I would have liked. I managed to get just less than 30 minutes on Spin bike but had a great Core class. We used small, weighted fitness balls that feel like it's filled with sand and did tons of upper abs and oblique work.

Yoga: My usual Yoga class is also on Monday nights. It gets so crowded that you have to get there at least 30 minutes early to safe a spot. All together, it takes a minimum of 90 minutes and I just didn't have that kind of time this week - too many things to get done. So I opted to do the same yoga at home that I'd done on Sunday night, but this time, just for 30 minutes.


Run: I did an early morning run of 5 easy miles around my neighborhood. It felt great to be out so early in the morning as the sun was rising. It was the first run in weeks where I didn't tape my foot, which felt great before, during and after the run.

Yoga: Did another hour of Yoga that evening.


Swim: I have *really* and I mean *really* come to love swimming. And I can tell that I'm getting better at it, because I can do the entire workout that my coach outlines for me without any additional breaks than the ones prescribed. It sometimes even feels like I'm just gliding effortlessly in the water. It's becoming one of my most favorite workouts - I might even love it even more than running {gasp!}

Strength Training: That evening I had my first strength training session with my trainer. I hadn't done *any* strength training since I last met with him 2 weeks prior. I kinda suck that way.

He introduced me to TRX. He set up the ropes right in my living room and taught me the different exercises that can be done on it. It is a total body workout. I kinda love it! Instead of weights, you use your own body weight, which was a really nice change for me (I tend to get really bored with weights). And because you have to maintain your balance, you are working your core the entire time. I am seriously thinking of making my own investment in a TRX system so I can do this at home all the time.


Run: I did an early morning speed workout at the track. I finally figured out how to use the intervals feature on my Garmin and programmed the pick-ups and recovery periods. It was so nice to have Garmin beep at me when to start the next set instead of me having to do the calculations in my head.


Spin: There is no Spin class at gym on Friday mornings so I had the whole Spin studio to myself. I went through my usual 70-minute workout and alternated what I was doing every 5-minutes. I had accidentally pressed the "fill iPod with random music" button and had a nice surprise of all kinds of songs that I normally don't workout to. Have you ever done Spin to Jack Johnson? It actually wasn't so bad.


Swim: This was supposed to be my rest day but I woke up with an abundant amount of energy so I decided to go for a swim. Everyone else did too and the pool was packed at 7:30 am. I hung out in the whirlpool for about 20-minutes until a lane opened up. I didn't have any particular workout set, I just wanted to zone out and swim laps for an hour. The hour went by quickly and I wanted to swim longer but I got kicked out of the pool by the geriatric water aerobics class.

Yoga: After a much needed afternoon nap, I spent another 30-minutes practicing yoga at home.


Run: I decided that today would be the day for my inaugural run in my new custom orthotics. Per my doctor's instructions, I'd been wearing them every day in my sneakers, but wasn't allowed to run in them for 2-3 weeks while the skeletal frame of my feet adjusted to them.

I'd read and been advised that it can be very painful to adjust to custom orthotics but that just wasn't my experience. They felt comfortable right from the go and today's run was no exception. I would even go as far to say that they felt even more comfortable in my running shoes than in the sneakers that I use every day.

I left the Garmin at home so I wouldn't be preoccupied by pace, and just set out for a leisurely run along the 5-mile loop through my neighborhood, the same one I ran on Monday. It was a little warmer than I expected, but nothing too bad.

For once I am finishing a week not feeling drained and exhausted. I even took another afternoon nap - 2 in 2 days (who am I?!) I plan on doing more yoga tonight and hoping for another training week like this one!