Week 4: January 22-29, 2012

Sunday, January 22, 2012 Plan Rest Day

Actual Rest Day

Monday, January 23, 2012

Plan Strength Training 1-hr Bike Trainer

Actual 90-min Bikram Yoga Class

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Plan 6-mile run (2-miles easy, 8 1/4 mile hill repeats w/recovery, 1-mile easy)

Actual 6.18-mile run (2-miles easy, 8 1/4 mile hill repeats w/recovery) 1-hr Yin Yoga Class

I should get extra points for the logistical planning that went into this workout. There are no 1/4-mile hills around me. What few hills there are do not measure that long. However, there is a quarter mile hill by my office (which also has a locker room), so I packed a gym bag, shower bag, lunch bag and my workbag and drove to the office at 6 am. My office has a nice 1-mile circumference block around it, but is at the bottom of a hill. So those first 2 "easy" miles were the start of running hills.

After just running a few of the 1/4 mile repeats, I realized that the recoveries would make the run 7+ miles. I had a meeting scheduled and wasn't going to have enough time to complete the entire workout. I contemplated doing less repeats but decided to just forego the last mile.

Followed up the workout with lunchtime Yin Yoga class - the timing was perfect and there weren't any DOMS from this workout.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Plan Brick of 30-min on the Bike Trainer + 30-min Run Strength Training

Actual AM: Brick of 30-min on the Bike Trainer + 30-min Run PM: Strength Training

Learning from last week, I skipped lunchtime Vinyasa class so as not to overdue it. It made a huge difference and I felt pretty good after both these workouts.

The Strength Training workout was a personal training session with Trainer Dave that consisted of:

- 3 1-min planks - 3 sets of 10 one-legged TRX squats on each leg (back to anchor point)

Circuit (3 sets): - 10 TRX atomic push-ups - 10 TRX body rows - 10 TRX one-legged squats (facing anchor point) with bicep curls - 20 KB swings * 1-min rest in between sets

1 set of hip abductors with ankle weights - 10 on each leg (more on this here)

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Plan 60-min Progressive Run, increasing pace every 20-min

Actual AM: 30-min Strength Training of PT Exercises PM: 90-min Silent Bikram Yoga Class

I made progress in Bikram Yoga by being able to wrap my feet on both sides during Eagle pose, and fully touch my feet during Camel Pose. While I can do that in Camel Pose sporadically, it was the first time being able to do that for Eagle.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Plan Strength Training Yoga

Actual AM: VO2 Max and Lactic Threshold Test PM: 5K Run + 30-min Strength Training of PT Exercises

I visited the UCSF Human Performance Center for a VO2 Max and Lactic Threshold Test. I wasn't sure exactly what to expect of it, so I switched my Thursday and Friday schedule. It was a really interesting experience that I will blog about later this week.

That evening was feeling pretty good so I went out for a 3-mile run:

Mile 1: 9:03 Mile 2: 8:42 Mile 3: 8:32 .01: 00:48 Total: 27:05 (Avg Pace 8:44 min/mile)

I guess I was feeling pretty excited about the things learned during the performance evaluation that this 5K turned out to be faster than my 5K PR.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Plan 8-mile Run (3-miles Easy, 4-miles at 8:50 pace, 1-mile Easy)

Actual Rest Day

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Plan Rest Day

Actual 8-mile Run (3-miles Easy, 2-miles at 8:50 pace, 2-miles Hills, 1-mile Easy)

I normally do Weekly Workouts posts from Sunday to Saturday, but since I ran today, I'll include it in this post.

Next Sunday I'm running the Kaiser Half-Marathon in Golden Gate Park, so I decided to do this weekend's run there. While I could have done it yesterday, a bunch of my favorite SF runners were meeting for lunch at Genki Ramen, so I switched Saturday and Sunday's schedule so I could join them.

I tried to figure out a way to do the planned run avoiding the major hills in GGP, but it would have been a pain-in-the-ass logistically, so I improvised the workout. I started at the Conservatory of Flowers and ran down JFK Drive to the Great Highway which was about 3-miles. I did the 2 pick-up miles on the Great Highway (flat out-and-back). Then I started running back up JFK Drive, which is a long gradual hill. It felt like my heart was going to give out so I paused trying to catch my breath. That was when I ran into RoadBunner who was also out logging miles for next week's race. She told me to forget trying to keep the pace, but just equal the effort. Great advice!

Mile 1: 9:48 Mile 2: 9:27 Mile 3: 9:19 Mile 4: 8:17 Mile 5: 8:20 Mile 6: 9:35 Mile 7: 9:41 Mile 8: 9:27 Total: 01:14:00 (Avg Pace 9:14 min/mile)

Disclaimer: I hoped for, and received a long red at the stoplight at MLK/Great Highway in both directions on Miles 4 and 5. I seriously needed those breathers.

For next week's half, I don't have a time goal. Instead, my goal will be to run it Garmin-free. I have been trying to learn how to run by feel and during most of my recent runs, I only had "Distance" displayed on my Garmin, no times or paces. I could do that again during the race, but I think I would be tempted to peak at the pace, so I'm leaving the Garmin at home. I want to see how I do without looking at it 1,035,8392 times.