Week 4 of 2013: Jan 20-26

Sun, 1/20: + 30-min Yoga

Mon, 1/21:

+ 45-min TRX Bootcamp #10 (only 5 left from my Groupon) + 20-min Pilates

Tues, 1/22:

+ 3.26-mile Track Workout + 25-min Pilates + 35-min Yoga

Wed, 1/23:

+ 45-min Spin + 60-min TRX Workout + 35-min Yoga

Thurs, 1/24:

+ 3.58-mile Run (Hills) + 25-min Pilates

Fri, 1/25:

+ 2200-meter Swim + 25-min Pilates

Sat, 1/26:

+ 4-mile Run + 35-min Yoga

The Good, The Bad...

Everything about this week was great except Thursday's run. The workout was supposed to be 10-min warm-up, 4 miles of running up and down .25-mile hill, then 10-min cool down.

This was my third week in a row of this workout, except this past two weeks were 2-miles of hills. I struggled in both those workouts and when I read that this week would be doubled the distance I wasn't happy. I knew I wasn't likely going to be able to do it. And that isn't a self-defeating thought, it was just reality.

There aren't very many hills around me unless I drive to the other side of town which I'm not willing to do. I go to Seal Point where there are 3 hill options:

1. a paved .20-mile hill that is gradual for .11-miles, then gets steeper, then curves for the last .05-mile when its at it's steepest. 2. a dirt .05-mile hill that is straight up. 3. a dirt .10-mile hill that is in-between the first two in difficulty.

I always run the first option, unless I'm with Trainer Dave when he makes me spring the second option.

The previous two weeks I was able to run up the hill six times. Each time was a real challenge so I had no idea how I was going to run it 12 times.

After my sixth time up I was sore, tired and mad that I still had six more to go. So I decided to break things up and try the other two hills. No bueno. At that point my legs could not handle their steepness; it literally HURT to run up them. So I went back to the hill I've grown to hate and went up a seventh time. When I got to the top I asked myself, "Why the hell am I doing this?" I ran back down, straight to my car and drove home.

And I only sorta felt bad about not finishing the workout.

But I did wonder if the hill I was running was as difficult as what others use for hill repeats. I consulted a few friends, and my coach too and apparently it is.

The Amazing

Sunrise Over the Golden Gate
Sunrise Over the Golden Gate

I could not have asked for a better run after Thursday's bust. I was scheduled for 40-min of easy running on Saturday.

I was also scheduled to have breakfast with old friends, two of whom were visiting from out of town. They wanted to visit Crissy Field and The Warming Hut so I decided to do a pre-breakfast run in the area.

Hoppers Hands
Hoppers Hands

I usually only run at Crissy Field during a race or long run so it was so much fun just to leisurely run around and explore the area.

The Golden Gate Bridge in all her glory
The Golden Gate Bridge in all her glory