Week 40

Can you believe there is only 12 weeks left of 2011? Seriously, where did the year go?!

Here's a recap of the past week's workouts:


A complete rest day - as in, no yoga, no nothing. I spectated at the San Jose Rock n Roll Half-Marathon, and then had brunch with friends. By the time I got home, I had to do the usual Sunday chores; i.e., laundry, etc to get ready for the workweek. I didn't even realize I hadn't done a workout until late that evening. Oh, it was also the first complete rest day since August 28th...

Monday AM: Spin

PM: Bikram Yoga

Tuesday AM: 1-hour run, which turned out to be 6.07 miles

Wednesday AM: 7-mile run. I have not run on back-to-back days in almost a year. I was dealing with injury a year ago (by the way, it was one year ago today I ran the Portland Marathon) and just couldn't do it and haven't done it since. I spent most of this run paranoid that I would hurt myself again, but I survived.

PM: Bikram Yoga

PM: Strength Training - a session with my trainer where he traumatized me with a crazy TRX circuit, followed by another circuit with the kettle bell and weights.

Needless to say the triple workout day left me exhausted.

Thursday AM: 6-mile run. As if running on back-to-back days wasn't enough, I ran 3 days in a row. I was seriously unhappy about this, but again, I survived.

PM: Yin Yoga

Friday AM: Spin

PM: Bikram Yoga


A complete rest day - two in a week?!


AM: 15-miles

At first my friends and I talked about running part of the Nike Women's Marathon course (a ton of us will be running the half-marathon next weekend), but it just didn't happen. My stomach issues flared up again mid-week so I wanted to play it safe and do this long run near home.

I decided to run the 5-mile loop around my neighborhood 3 times. This way, I had home on one end, and Target (all-inclusive aide station) on the other end.

I intended to start running at 7 am, but I didn't wake up until then. Then I started tracking friends online who ran marathons today. I contemplated waiting until they finished to do this run, but that meant I probably wouldn't have started until after 10 am, which would have been too warm for me. I eventually made it out the door shortly after 8 am.

I recently read a quote, which said something like, "Run the first third of your run with your head, then the second third of your run with your personality, and run the last third of your run with your heart." I also read another quote (yes, I'm reading multiple books at the same time) that said if you can't talk while running during a LSD then you're running too fast. Well, I'm a slow runner to begin with, so if I run so that I can still talk, well then I'm practically walking.

I decided to try and stay between a 10:30-11 min/mile. It always takes me 3-4 miles to feel comfortable so this wasn't a problem at all for the first loop. There were a couple of miles that were slightly faster than 10:30 but close enough. After the first loop I stopped at the water fountain to refill my water bottles, took a couple of Endurolyte pills (just started taking these) and had a gel.

When I started the second loop I felt really good. My paces crept closer to 10:00 yet still felt easy. I even walked a bit to try and slow down. But I figured since I felt so good I'd just go with it. After the second loop I did a water/gel stop again and took a quick peak at my phone to see how people's races were going. I'm glad I did because I started to get tired on the third loop and used the race update as motivation to finish.

My stomach did start to act up on the third loop. Yesterday ended up being a really long day and I grabbed a quick dinner at a restaurant. I tried to order the blandest thing on the menu, but it still had a lot of oil in it, which I think was the culprit. But at least I managed not to puke. My paces kept creeping towards 9:30-10:00 so I walked a few times again to slow down, but after while I just thought, "Oh to hell with it, I just want to be done." I actually hit the 13.1 mark faster than my race PR. Why is it that I can only do this during training runs? Gah!

I finished feeling tired, but overall really good. My feet didn't hurt and 10+ hours later, while I'm a little stiff, I'm not really sore at all.

I'm going to try my new bike trainer in the morning and then take a Bikram class after work, so hopefully I'll be as good as new, because oh yeah, it's race week - again!

(And 8 weeks till my next marathon!)