Week 41

Summary of last week's workouts: Monday

AM: 30-min on the bike trainer

I had hoped to be on it for much longer, but the trainer didn't feel very stable and after about 10-minutes, I started to smell burning rubber! I asked a couple of friends who told me that wasn't supposed to happen! I read through the instructor manual again and it said that the trainer automatically adjusts to the weight of the bike and rider. It just didn't feel right so I called it a day after a half hour.

PM: Bikram Yoga

Bikram is the perfect recovery workout after a long run. The heat and gentle stretching makes you feel good as new! It was my last class with RoadBunner whose 30-day trial membership ended. So sad. (BTW, she's a fully converted Bikram Yogi, just joining another studio closer to her home.)


AM: Speed Workout

Ran 5.56 miles of intervals and fell down. My elbow is looking better but still a little tender.

PM: Yin Yoga

Escaped from the office for a lunchtime yoga class. We started the class with a 15-minute "Legs at the Wall" pose. Basically you scoot your bum up against the base of a wall and stretch you legs up against it. It's one of my favorite poses and makes my hamstrings feel good as new!


AM: 70-min on the bike trainer

I took the original trainer that I had tried to use on Monday back to the bike shop where they told me it was defective. I got a different brand altogether that was cheaper, more stable and adjustable. Got a nice workout on it. I must say, it is way different than Spinning - different angles and positions. Still loved it though and got to watch my tivo'd Biggest Loser episode during the workout. Nothing like a "Last Chance Workout" for some motivation.

PM: Flow Yoga

Was able to get to another lunchtime yoga class, this time a Vinyasa Flow class. I like to mix things up and take 2 Bikram classes, 2 Yin classes and 1-2 Flow classes. Though they are all yoga, they are very different types of practices. Vinyasa builds a lot of strength, particularly in the core and shoulders, but also did lots of Warrior poses for some legwork.

PM: Strength Training

3rd workout of the day with my personal trainer! This week we laid off the TRX, instead using my body weight, free weights and a kettle bell for resistance. And we ended the workout with burpees. I hate burpees.


AM: 6-mile run

The first 3 miles were easy, the second 3 were not, but it felt good to get it done.

PM: I wanted to go to a Bikram Yoga class, but wasn't able to get out of the office in time for it. So instead, I went to Lululemon after work and got me a "Run For Your Life" tank for race day!


AM: Swim

Finally back to the pool for the first time in several weeks! The first 200 meters were rough. I thought I was going to lose a lung or something. After the warm-up I felt more comfortable but still felt like I was expending more energy than necessary and started to get restless about it. A kid got into the lane next to me and swam evenly and effortlessly. His stroke was so smooth. I tried to emulate him and just tucked my head down and relaxed. It made a huge difference and I was able to get a 1700-meter swim done. I would have liked to swim longer but there is a crazy old man who wanders/walks around the pool, even when all the lanes are being used. He gets in the way and I didn't want to deal with him so I left.

PM: Expo!

I skipped my Friday night Bikram Yoga class to go to the race expo and pick up my packet.


AM: It was a scheduled rest day but I signed up for a 4-hour bike riding class at REI (more to come on this).


Nike Women's Half-Marathon - race report to come as well. I'm too exhausted to write a full report right now and I want to wait to see the race photos, which I may or may not share. :)

7 weeks till my next marathon!