Week 42

A couple of weeks ago during a yoga class I mentioned to RoadBunner that I don't really get tired legs. This week made me eat those words.

Monday, October 17

Though it was a scheduled rest day, I had ambitions of still getting in some time on the bike trainer, as well as a yoga class. None of those things happened. I was wiped out from the Nike Half-Marathon and ended up taking a full rest day.

Tuesday, October 18

AM: 6.08 mile run. This was an interval run; only I didn't factor in the rest break times and ended up only doing 9 of the 10 quarter mile intervals.

PM: Bikram Yoga - my first yoga class in 6 days and it was much needed.

Wednesday, October 19

AM: 70-minutes on the bike trainer while watching Tuesday's Biggest Loser episode. I've been doing 2-minute intervals on trainer. This, along with BL helps break up the monotony, and I can't lie, I love going from my bed to the living room for my workout.

PM: Lunchtime Flow Yoga class. It had been a couple of weeks since I took a Vinyasa class, so it felt good to get back into it. I'm not going to lie though, it was tough. Bikram and Yin Yoga don't require as much strength and core work at as Flow Yoga so this also counts as strength/core training (in my opinion).

Thursday, October 20

AM: 7-mile run with the last 3 miles being at what I refer to as a "heart attack" pace. It wasn't easy and I had to gut out the 3 sub-9:00 min/miles.

PM: I skipped an evening yoga class to be social with my friends. We went out to La Bodeguita del Medio, an amazing Cuban restaurant in Palo Alto. It was like being in food heaven.

Friday, October 21

AM: 1-hour run = 6.12 miles. This was an easy run done by duration vs. miles. I suffered ill effects from the Cuban dinner but I didn't care - it was worth it.

PM: I had ambitions of taking 2 yoga classes today, but work got in the way and neither happened. But I did have a strength-training workout with my trainer that evening. Awesome Friday night, eh?

Saturday, October 22

AM: 1-hour swim = 2000 meters. Like Friday's run, I gave myself 1-hour to swim at the pool. I didn't do a set workout, just swam laps. I had some issues with my goggles (Speedo goggles > Nike goggles in case you're wondering), which cost me a few meters.

Sunday, October 23

AM: 15 mile run

I had planned to run my 5-mile neighborhood loop 3 times, like I did 2 weeks ago. RoadBunner asked to join me for 10 of those miles. We started out after 8 am and kept things at an easy, conversational pace; i.e., I didn't listen to music. After years of running this loop, it was the first time I'd ever run it with anyone else. It was fun to show her around my 'hood, where I see the raccoons, skunks and where I fell.

At 10-miles I dropped her off and then headed out to for the final loop (using my iPod shuffle). By this time, the sun was out and it was blazing hot. I basically melt whenever it gets above 65 degrees and today it was 70 degrees. I felt like death. Though the paces of the last 5 miles were the fastest, I confess that it was attributed to the fact that I wanted the suffering to end vs. wanting to push the pace.

When it was over, I sat at the park for a good 5-minutes before walking home where RoadBunner was waiting for me. I had to confess that my legs honestly felt tired. Achey tired. I fell short of last week's goal of 5 yoga classes, only doing 2. I also had challenging runs during the week, and had an intense strength training session; i.e. full of squats just 36 hours prior. All factors.

I spent the rest of the day watching Season 1 of Friday Night Lights. Why did no one tell me how good this show was?!? Six episodes later I forced myself to turn it off to write this post. I can't wait for tomorrow's bike trainer workout so I can get another episode in.

My mantra for next week: "Clear Eyes. Full Hearts. Can't Lose." --Coach Taylor