Week 44

Monday, October 31st

After the 17-mile run last Sunday I took a complete day's rest on Monday. I woke up so lethargic and was afraid I was coming down with a cold. I ended up leaving work early and came home and took a 2-hour nap. There is something to be said about sleep being the best form of medicine. That evening I got a 1-hour massage and felt almost as good as new!

Tuesday, November 1st

AM: Lunch time Yin Yoga class. My most favorite thing to do in Yin Yoga classes is "Legs At the Wall." It's a form of savasana where you have you lie on your back with your bum at the wall and your legs stretched out above you. It feels so good on the hamstrings. The instructor sometimes has us cover our eye with masks that are infused with citrus or lavender. It's so relaxing that I always come close to falling asleep!

PM: Yang workout aka 7-mile run. It was an easy run so I left the Garmin at home and just ran free. It was one of the best runs I've had in a long time. I ran at dusk and it felt effortless. At times, I actually forgot I was running; it was one of those evenings where I felt that I could run forever.

Wednesday, November 2nd

So last week I swore I'd never do another triple workout day. I lied. This was a triple workout day, but it wasn't as bad as last week.

AM: Lunch time Vinyasa Flow Yoga class.

PM: 70-minutes on the Bike Trainer while watching more Friday Night Lights

PM: 1-hour Strength Training session with my Trainer where we did:

5 sets of: - 10 squats with 10# shoulder presses - 10 TRX body rows - 10 TRX squats with bicep curls - 15 TRX push-ups - 20 Kettle bell swings

Thursday, November 3rd

AM: Lunch time Yin Yoga class. Due to work meetings, I can usually only fit one Yin Yoga class in per week, so I was thrilled that I was able to take a second class.

PM: 5-mile run. I ran at dusk again and realized it was probably the last time I'd be able to do so. Just as I was starting to appreciate evening running, the time changed (I still don't understand why it's necessary) so now it's already dark by 5 pm. Yep, back to early AM running. It's a good thing this run was a good one.

Friday, November 4th

PM: Bikram Yoga class. I hadn't taken one in over a week and my body missed it. It was such a great class and it set up my 19-miler nicely!

Saturday, November 5th

AM: 19-mile run. For those of you familiar with San Francisco, I ran twice across the Golden Gate Bridge + 7 laps around Crissy Field + 2-miles to a friend's house for a total of 19 miles. Pedestrian traffic was closed just before Vista Point on the Sausalito side of the GGB, which ruined my hydration plan. I couldn't get to the water fountains on the other side of the bridge to refill my water bottles. I had to improvise with 2 stops coming off the GGB to buy bottled water at Sports Basement (the first time) and Planet Granite (the second time). But other than that (and losing a gel packet somewhere on the bridge), the run pretty seamlessly. I'll have a more detailed post about it tomorrow.

Sunday, November 5th

Rest Day. Sure, I could've gone to a yoga class, but I had errands and chores to do, then had to spend some quality time on my couch doing absolutely nothing. I find it's an essential thing to do at least once a week, particularly on Sundays to gear me up for the upcoming workweek.