Week 45

Monday, November 7 AM:

Swim. I treated this workout like I've been doing easy runs. I didn't time or count laps. I just put on my earphones and swam - freestyle, using the pull buoy. I used the beat of the music to dictate how fast or slow each lap was. I did this for 45-minutes, then spent 15-minutes on the whirlpool.

PM: Massage. Ever since Nike, my right hip/glute has been really tight, to the point that it's torqued and is pulling on other things, like my hamstring. So I'm using massage and yoga (Bikram helps the most) to manage it. I'm so lucky to have a therapist who understands kinesiology and physiology and knows exactly hot to treat this.

Tuesday, November 8

AM: 5.84-mile run. This was supposed to be a 6-mile interval run but I didn't get to program my Garmin until that morning (at 5 am) and set it for 10 1-mile intervals instead of 10 1-minute intervals. I didn't realize this until mid-way when I wondered why my Garmin wasn't beeping. So instead, I had to manually keep pressing the "Lap Button." It was an annoying and frustrating run.

PM: Bikram Yoga. I could barely touch my toes :/

Wednesday, November 9

AM: 4-mile easy run where I left my Garmin at home. All of sudden it got really cold in the Bay Area this week and I had to break out my cold weather running gear. It was in the high 30's during this run and I wore tights for the first time since last winter and my gloves from the BMO Marathon.{they give them away for free at the expo}

PM: Vinyasa Yoga. Took a lunchtime class. I knew I'd be working out with Dave, my trainer, that evening so I took it easy in this class.

PM: Strength Training. My weekly strength training session with Dave, my trainer. For this session I did the following circuit 5 times:

- 10 push-ups - 10 squats with shoulder presses using 10# weights - 10 TRX body rows - 10 squats with bicep curls using fitness ball and 10# weights - 20 kettle bell swings - 15 jack knives

Thursday, November 10

AM: 10K run where the last 3 miles were in the mid 8:30's which isn't easy for me. I'm not sure how I pulled it off because I was tired, and it was another cold morning.

PM: Bikram Yoga. This time I could touch my toes towards the very end of class - progress.

Friday, November 11

AM: Swim. An exact repeat of Monday's workout.

PM: Bikram Yoga. It took a third Bikram class and fourth yoga class of the week to get me feeling back to normal to the point where my right hip/glute felt loose and I could easily touch my toes. Then I ran long on Saturday and got it all tight again.

Saturday, November 12

AM: In order to keep these long runs fresh, I've been changing up the scenery. For this 13-miler I went to the South Bay (aka the San Jose area) and ran at the Los Gatos Creek Trail. I had never run there before but heard good things about it from Audrey. She gave me directions on where to go. I must say, I really enjoyed it!

I decided that the easiest thing to do was an out and back:


In the first couple of miles I ran by this:


What I liked about this trail is that:

1. There were lots of runners out and about. Most of the ones I saw were either carrying water bottles or wearing hydration belts so I knew that most runners were going to be out on the trail for a while. There wasn't any one time that I was alone out there.

2. But it also wasn't overly crowded. What I loved most was that the walkers knew to move to the side when they saw a runner coming by. And people on bikes also slowed down or stopped for runners - unheard of, right?! There was no need for weaving.

3. There were bathrooms and water fountains all along the trail and it was marked.

4. It ran along the creek, through parks, neighborhoods, commercial areas - the scenery was pretty diverse.

5. There were some nice little rolling hills, which were a nice surprise. I was expecting it to be completely flat but it wasn't.


I felt really good until Mile 10 when my right hip/glute started to cramp and get really tight again, but I pushed through it. I wasn't thrilled that it ended rather unpleasantly, but overall, I'm happy with this run.

One thing that is puzzling though is that over the past 3 weeks I've been getting terrible side stitches on my right side. This has happened during every run. It usually has gone away by the second or third mile, but during this long run, it lingered the entire time. I have no idea what the cause could be or how to fix it. Any advice?

Sunday, November 13

A complete rest day. I contemplated going to yoga, but it just didn't happen. My heart rate got really high watching the 49er game - I figured that was plenty for the day.

Three - count 'em 3! - more weeks till CIM!