Week 46

A while ago, I stopped posting links to my blog posts on other sites. There wasn't particular reason for this, I just figure, anyone who is interested in reading will just find it. Most of the time I forget that anyone can read this so it's always a pleasant surprise to find out that someone has been reading and has actually gotten something out of it: Aunty Mila killed it at the Big Sur Half Marathon on Sunday. I am so flattered that what little I know about this whole running thing has helped her. Congrats on your shiny new PR!

Last week's recap:

Monday, November 14

Another rest day. Well actually.... I got a massage, 1-hr Thai + 1-hr flush. I think it counts as a workout.

Tuesday November 15

AM: 6.90 mile run. The workout was:

2 warm up miles 6 800's in 4:10 minutes with 3 min recoveries 1 mile cool down

Just so you know, I always walk when I see the word "recovery" and I needed every second of it because this workout pretty much killed me.

PM: Bikram Yoga. The only class I was able to fit in this week. Stupid work meetings.

Wednesday, November 16

AM: 70 minutes on the bike trainer while watching Tuesday's Biggest Loser episode. It was time for Bonnie to go.

PM: Lunch time Vinyasa Flow yoga class. This teacher loves "Yogi's Requests" so before class I requested hip/glute stretches. Since this was the last yoga class I was able to take last week, I'm glad I did.

Thursday, November 17

AM: 6-mile run. It was supposed to be at a 9:30-40 pace, but I ended up running it at a 9:06 pace. This is what covering up your Garmin and not looking at it does for me. I swear, once this race is over, I am not going to run with it for a month.

PM: Strength Training session with my personal trainer. We normally meet on Wednesday nights, but we had scheduling conflicts this week so it moved to Thursday. I had a 20-miler scheduled on Saturday so we did only upper body and core work which is super hard to do for an entire hour. My arms felt like jelly afterward.

Friday, November 18

Rest Day. I had to be in San Jose for work meetings, which pretty much removed any option of an early morning workout. That evening, I ended up picking Jasmine (cousin's 5-year old) up from school which was a convenient excuse to skip yoga (my brain was already fried from the week).

Saturday, November 19

20-mile run that you can read about in detail here.

Sunday, November 20

Rest Day. I fully intended to go to an early morning Bikram class, but I was still feeling rather beat up from the 20-miler so I just parked myself on the couch all day. I did attempt to roll out my quads, IT band and hamstrings, which was just as painful at the 20-miler.

...And since I'm a day late than usual in posting this, I'll add in today's workout.

Monday, November 21

AM: 1 hour on the Bike Trainer watching Amazing Race. I contemplated going to the pool, but it was much easier to walk from my bed to the next room than drive to the pool. Also, I was back to feeling normal (which is a relative term, isn't it?).

PM: 1-hour Thai massage during which my massage therapist asked me, "What the heck happened to your hammy's since the last time I saw you (7 days ago)?! Although I have been feeling super tight in my right glute, he said that my right piriformis is rather loose and my left one is much tighter. So what am I feeling on the right side? He thinks that the glute muscle is up against the sciatic nerve and it's corkscrewing my right side, thus TONS of adhesions on the R hammy. I could *hear* them clicking as he worked on it. Here's hoping the 3 Bikram classes I'm planning on this week and 5 the following week will keep me limber enough to have a decent enough race.