Week 47

Tuesday, November 22 AM: 1-hour (6-miles exactly) Easy Run

PM: Bikram Yoga

Wednesday, November 23

Since this was the last day of work before the long holiday weekend, I worked from home and was able to spread my workouts out over the course of the day (and still get in a full day's work):

AM: 45-minute Swim. Didn't count laps again, instead, I just swam freestyle (cause that's the only swim stroke I know) to the tempo of whatever song was playing on my playlist. The thing is, I forgot to change the playlist on my iPod so I swam to my running playlist, which is all fast songs. Thus, this turned out to be an up tempo swim.

Lunch Time: 1-hour Strength Training with my Trainer. I hate push-ups and was under the belief that doing push-ups on the TRX was much easier than doing traditional push-ups on the ground. I usually negotiate with Dave to alternate between the two every week. This time, he decided to prove to me that TRX push-ups were harder than traditional push-ups by making me do "Atomic Push-Ups":


You better believe they were every bit as hard as they looked. And I did at least 50 of them. Actually I think I did more, but I was so traumatized I lost count.

PM: Bikram Yoga

Thursday, November 24

Every single muscle in my body ached from those damn atomic push-ups. I had nightmares about them. I’m not quite sure how I managed to pull it off, but I did 6.23 miles of Speed Work.

Then I proceeded to *stuff* -- and I mean *stuff* my face for the rest of the day. Hey, I haven't had any dairy since September so I fully enjoyed my Dungeness Crab Brie Mac and Cheese, as well as all the other fixings. I didn't regret it at the time, but now that I am starting a very light last-week-before-a-marathon week, I wish I factored that in before overdoing it.

Friday, November 25

Rest Day. It was Black Friday and we kept up our family's 20+-year tradition of spending it in downtown San Francisco:

• Drove up to the City and valet parked at Nordstom • Got a hot drink from the Nordstrom Espresso Bar • Shopped at Nordstrom, and then checked our bags into their Concierge Desk • Walked to Neiman Marcus for lunch at the Rotunda Restaurant - because their Chicken Consommé, Popover’s and Lobster Club Sandwich are all a part of the Black Friday tradition. Then perused the handbag department. • After lunch, shopped at the stores on Grant St; i.e., Banana Republic, Lululemon, Kate Spade, etc • Made our way back toward the San Francisco Center; stopping at Macy's to see the SPCA pups and kittens in the window displays


{this kitten looks like how I feel}

• Perused Bloomingdales and the other stores on that side of SF Center. • Had a light afternoon snack at the Nordstrom Cafe • Did a final round at Nordstrom, picked up our bags and then called it a day

Unlike the crazy discount stores that open at midnight, downtown San Francisco doesn't get crowded until the late afternoon when families start arriving for the Christmas tree lighting ceremony at Union Square.

As for the purchases, since I’m going to NY on a shopping trip next week, I kept things to a minimal and just got a few essentials (Tip: get a proper bra-fitting at Nordstrom), a bunch of basic black and white T's from Banana (40% off), and a new bag from Lulu (as well as one for my sister). It was definitely a great day to get into the Christmas Spirit.

Saturday, November 26

AM: 8-mile run at a pace much faster than I intended. This left me sorer than I wanted to be.

PM: Bikram Yoga

Sunday, November 27 Run Wild for A Child 5K Race

We are now down to 6 days until CIM. S-I-X days.