Week 5 of 2013: Jan 27 - Feb 2

Sun, 1/27: + 8-mile Run that included a 5K race in the middle miles + 45-min Yoga for Runners

Mon, 1/28:

+ 25-min Pilates + 25-min Yoga

Tues, 1/29:

+ 6.01-mile Track Workout + 35-min Yoga

Wed, 1/30:

+ 45-min Spin + 45-min Strength and Conditioning Training + 25-min Pilates

Thurs, 1/31:

+ 6.06-mile Run (Hills) + 35-min Yoga

Fri, 2/1:

+ 25-min PIlates

Sat, 2/2:

+ 2-mile Run

The Good:

I did Thursday's run in the late afternoon/early evening and got to run in a t-shirt and shorts! After that run I am officially ready for Spring!

The Bad:

I decided to throw in the DSE Rainbow Falls 5K race in the middle of Sunday's 8-mile run. While it was a great way to break up the run, I got caught up in the "race feeling" and ran the first half way too fast. The second half had some hills and I was toast. Roadbunner joined me for the last two miles of the 8-miler and she can attest to how ugly it was. I was spent.

The Pleasantly Surprising:

Back to Thursday's run...I was still not too thrilled about 4-miles of hill repeats. But, I decided to ease into them and just run as far up the hill as I felt like for the first two miles (which was about half way), then to push to the top of the hill for the second two miles. I still had to take a few breaks, but they were far less than the previous week - I was pleasantly surprised at how much better I felt during it.