Week 6 of 2013: Feb 3 - 9

Sun, 2/3 + Kaiser Half Marathon

Mon, 2/4:

+ Rest Day, but still did 25-min of Pilates and got a 1-hour sports massage

Tues, 2/5:

+ 3.44-mile Track Workout + 35-min Yoga for Runners

Wed, 2/6:

+ 45-min Spin + 45-min Strength Training + 25-min Pilates

Thurs, 2/7:

+ 6-mile Run + 35-min Yoga for Runners

Fri, 2/8:

+ 45-min Strength Training + 25-min Pilates

Sat, 2/9:

+ 2-mile Run


My big takeaway from this week was that last Sunday's half-marathon took more out of me than I realized. My legs were really tired after the race. My quads and hammys felt like they had just run a full marathon. I suppose that is what I get for only running one double-digit run prior.

The race also took more out of mentally than I realized. After writing this post on Thursday, I realized that I was just exhausted, more than anything else. Hindsight really is 20/20. Friday's Strength Training workout with Trainer Dave was very simple and easier than usual. My 2-mile run on Saturday was a prep run for today's DSE Golden Gate Vista 10K race. But those short, easy two miles felt difficult. My legs felt like bricks.

So this morning when I randomly woke up at 3:30 am (I also have not been sleeping well this past week - a lot on my mind) I decided to turn off my alarm, go back to sleep so I could "sleep in", and skip the race. More than anything else I need a full rest day so that's exactly what I'm doing.

It's a beautiful day in the Bay Area and I'm a little regretful not to be taking advantage of it by going for an outdoors run. But in just a few short weeks I'll be starting to train for the San Francisco Marathon so there will be plenty more opportunities.

So today I'm taking a much-needed Fat Dog Day.