Week 7 -February 13-19, 2012

Monday, February 13

Plan 1-hr Spin Strength Training

Actual 1-hr Bike Trainer TRX Cardio Circuit Program

Tuesday, February 14

Plan 5-miles of Speed Work (400's)

Actual TRX Flexibility Program 5.53-miles of Speed Work

I did the TRX Flexibility workout in the AM. It was the first time I'd done it and I loved it. Unlike yoga, it is a solid mix of dynamic and static stretching. I was happy I did this in the morning with a run scheduled that evening.

After work I attempted to run at a nearby high school track. It is the only one that has stadium lights and is popular in the community for evening workouts. I got there to find all the gates locked. Ugh. So I raced to another local high school and ran as fast as I could to get the workout done before it got dark. I was able to hit all of the target paces set for me (7 400's in the 1:45-1:50 range) and best of all - had no knee pain! At least not when I was running (had a little bit the next day).

Wednesday, February 15

Plan Strength Training Brick of 30-min Bike Trainer, 30-min Run

Actual Reverse Brick of 30-min Run, followed by 30-min on the Bike Trainer TRX Cardio Circuit Program

I had an early 6 AM work meeting, which meant I only had the afternoon to get all of the workouts done. The sun has been going down around 6 pm so decided to do the second half of the Brick first and went out for a run as soon as I got home from work. I left the Garmin at home and ran on the paved route around my neighborhood, then came home and watched the Biggest Loser while I rode the Bike Trainer.

Shortly after I finished that, Trainer Dave came over and and had me finished the rest of the TRX Cardio Circuit workout that I wasn't able to finish on Monday. It was a long day, but thankfully, it didn't kill me for the rest of the week. :)

Thursday, February 16

Plan 1-hr Run

Actual TRX Flexibility Program 1-hr Strength Training

I have found that I can't really get in a quality run less than 12 hours after a hard strength training session so I have been doing my Thursday runs in the evening. I woke and did the TRX Flexibility Program again. It was much easier the second time, as I knew what I was doing.

After work I drove to both high school tracks (again) only to find there were soccer games going on and the tracks were closed for running. Frustrated, I decided it just wasn't going to happen so I came home and decided to switch up Friday's schedule did a strength training workout.

Friday, February 17

Plan Strength Training Yoga

Actual 90-min Bikram Yoga Class 2-mile Run

I went to my first yoga class in 2 weeks and not surprisingly, it felt like I was starting all over again. Physically, my flexibility was still decent and I was able to do Camel pose which I will always consider a *win* in Bikram. But energy-wise, it really took a lot more effort than usual.

That afternoon I met up with Sesa to check out a new cross country trail that I had recently learned of.


It was the first time I was running with Sesa and was excited to get to know her better. Turns out we did more chatting than actual running, but I'm not complaining - I had so much fun!

Saturday, February 18

Plan Untimed 10K Run

Actual 3-hour Bike School Class Timed 10K Run

I took Bike class in the morning (more on this later), and then met up with RoadBunner for an easy 10K run. It was her recovery run and since we both only had 6 miles planned we decided to head back to the cross country course to further explore it.

It was the hardest 6.2 miles I have run in a long, long time. It was mentally challenging. We didn't know where the heck we were going and ran into a lot of dead ends. Not to mention the fact that the whole thing is pretty hilly and has wild life.


{this guy just stared me down - i was intimidated}

The course maxes out 3.39 miles so we had to do a lot of looping to get the mileage we'd planned to do.


{our failed attempt to get a self-portrait with crystal springs reservoir in the background}

I ran without my music and was huffing and puffing up and down the hills. I was breathing so hard that at one point I even stopped and asked RoadBunner how she was able to run without breathing so heavily. She told me that she didn't hear me breathing at all which I was pretty shocked about because it’s ALL that I heard. It was distracting and I felt like it sucked all the energy out of me. It's a good thing RoadBunner was with me because I may not have made it to 6.2 miles. Seriously. But in the end we made it and were rewarded with views like this:


Sunday, February 19

Plan Rest

Actual Rest

I didn't really feel like I needed a rest day, but listened and took one anyways. I did errands, chores and then watched The Bodyguard. I forgot how much I liked it.

Now sadly, the Sunday dread had set in - no holiday for me tomorrow. But I do have a massage scheduled and am counting down the hours to it!