Week 7 of 2013: Feb 10-16

Sun, 2/10 + DSE Golden Gate Vista 10K Race Rest

Mon, 2/11

+ TRX Bootcamp Class + 25-min Yoga / 25-min Pilates

Tues, 2/12

+ 4.86-mile Track Workout + 35-min Yoga for Runners

Wed, 2/13

+ 3-miles Easy + 35-min Yoga for Runners + 45-min TRX Strength and Conditioning

Thurs, 2/14

+ 5-miles Easy + 35-min Yoga for Runners

Fri, 2/15

+ 25-min Pilates + 35-min TRX Strength and Conditioning

Sat, 2/16

+ 11-mile Run + 35-min Yoga for Runners

The Highlights

1. I listened to my body and skipped the DSE Golden Gate Vista 10K in favor of a Rest Day. I was tired and starting to feel run down. I was really looking forward to doing this race, not to race, but to explore this route that I have yet to run. I decided that there would be other opportunities to do so. It was a good thing too because I narrowly avoided getting sick. I think the extra rest helped.

2. On Friday I ran my fastest ever set of stairs: 95 stairs in 1:17!

3. On Saturday I ran up the Fort Mason Hill both ways without stopping for the first time ever. It wasn't so bad; i.e., I didn't feel like I was dying...