Week 8 - February 20-26, 2012

The past week started off with such promise, went completely flat towards the end of the week, but ended on a high note.

Monday, February 20

Plan 1-hr Spin Strength Training

Actual 1-hr Bike Trainer 30-min TRX Strength Training 2-hr Thai Massage where this happened

Tuesday, February 21

Plan 6-mile Interval Run

Actual 5-mile Interval Run on the Treadmill Bikram Yoga

I did the entire run workout and it turned out to be shy of 6-miles...BUT I did it on the treadmill and I was so thrilled about it! It was my first run on the TM in 15 months and I felt like a million bucks after it was over.

Wednesday, February 22

Plan 1500-yard Swim Strength Training

Actual 1500-yard Swim 1-hr Strength Training

Thursday, February 23

Plan 6.5 mile run

Actual Rest Day

Wednesday was all about hip adduction exercises. It was pretty intense and left me exhausted and sore, and I ended up taking an unplanned Rest Day.

Friday, February 24

Plan Yoga Strength Training

Actual Bikram Yoga

I had planned to do Thursday's run on Friday, but my motivation continued to plummet and it just didn't happen.

However, I did go to Bikram Yoga. The class size is usually much smaller on Friday mornings so the instructor gives us individual attention and corrects flaws in our poses. The subtle changes she suggested made a huge difference for me resulting in progress! Not only was I able to do the full Camel pose twice, I also, for the very first time, saw my feet over my head doing the Standing Bow pose. I am so thrilled with this progress!

Saturday, February 25

Plan 8-mile Run

Actual 6.60-mile Run

Since I already took a Rest Day this week, I decided to switch around my schedule and I finally managed to do Thursday's run. I ran at the track on a beautiful sunny and very windy Saturday morning. The workout was 4 1-mile repeats with 3-min recoveries, plus a mile warm-up and cool down for a total of 6.60 miles. I had this weird pain on the outer part of my lower R leg. I think it was shin splints but I've never had them before so I'm not sure what it was. I miserable for the first 4 miles but then it just went away and the last 2 miles were fine.

After the run I stretched for a good 20-minutes at the track, then came home and stretched some more and iced my knee. I took the most wonderful 2-hr nap and then I woke up with this awful pain in my L glute. It felt like I pulled a muscle and it was so painful. That night I went out to dinner and could barely move. Everyone wanted to know what was wrong with me so I told them, "I pulled a butt cheek muscle" to which 5-yr old Jasmine told me, "Oh it's okay, just sleep on your stomach and you'll be fine." :)

I did end up lathering on the Icy Hot, popped some Extra Strength Tylenol and slept in my recovery compression tights. This morning I woke up feeling much better but still wasn't sure I could do the 8-mile run I had planned for today.

Sunday, February 26

Plan Rest Day

Actual 8-mile Run

I headed up to Golden Gate Park with a plan to run 8-miles on the trails, and then meet up with some of my runner friends for lunch at the usual Genki Ramen.

I was prepared to run/walk or even just walk if I had to, but once I got started running, I knew I could do at least half of the miles. The plan was to run 3-miles easy, 2 pick-up miles and 3-miles easy.

The first 2-miles were down JFK Drive and were a mix of road and trails. I started off easy to see how my body would respond and was happy to feel pretty good.

Mile 1: 10:14 Mile 2: 9:52

My friends had recommended I check out the Polo Fields in GGP, which was right at the 2-mile mark. So I went exploring and was so happy with what I found. There was a dirt track around the upper part of the Polo Fields and a paved path around the lower part of it.

I ran the third mile on the dirt portion:

Mile 3: 9:54

Then ran the 2 pick-up miles on the paved portion.

Mile 4: 8:52 Mile 5: 8:38

Then I went back up to the dirt track for the sixth mile:

Mile 6: 9:33

Then ran back uphill on JFK Drive for the last 2 miles:

Mile 7: 9:58 Mile 8: 9:34

Surprisingly, my body felt good the entire time, with my knee getting a little achy only on the last .25 mile.

I am SO thrilled to have discovered the Polo Field. It's about .75 mile in circumference and a great place to run on just dirt without the challenges of rocks, tree stumps and most of all, mountain lions. It's such a huge difference to run on trails vs. pavement vs. treadmill vs. track. I think trails are the kindest on the body so I plan to run here often.

Considering how I felt and how the week had progressed I am so pleased with how the week ended and looking forward to taking on a new one.