Week 8 of 2013: Feb 17-23

Sun, 2/17: + 3-mile Recovery Run

Mon, 2/18:

+ Complete Rest

Tues, 2/19:

+ 3.41-mile Track Workout + 25-min Pilates

Wed, 2/20:

+ 45-min Spin + 35-min Yoga + 45-min Strength Training

Thurs, 2/21:

+ 6-mile Run + 35-min Yoga

Fri, 2/22:

+ 20-min Pilates + 45-min Strength Training

Sat, 2/23:

+ 12-mile Run


1. My first run in my new Newton's! I have been instructed to ease into wearing them so last Sunday's Recovery Run is the only run I've used them once so far. I plan on using them just for recovery and easy runs for a few weeks (although I have to say, they don't feel like they need breaking in).

2. I very rarely get blisters on my feet when I run. But I've seemed to get them on my left arch on almost every longer run I've done this month. Each time has been when I've worn shoes that had at least 200 miles on them, so it's not an issue of new shoes. I couldn't figure it out until my coach suggested it's my socks. This makes total sense because I started wearing Injinji socks just before the Kaiser Half Marathon, which happen to be the first time that I got a left arch blister. Ironically I started wearing Injinji socks because I had a corn-thingy on a toe and it helped alleviate that discomfort. I am really bummed about this because I really like wearing Injinji socks and just got 5-6 more pairs of them. I'm going to see if putting Body Glide, or a Band-Aid on my arch will stop the blistering.

3. Overall, it was a really good week of workouts. Every single one went well, even yesterday's 12-mile run.

In order to keep things "fresh" I've decided to try not to run in the same location two weekends in a row. Last weekend I ran along the Embarcadero in The City so for this past weekend I decided to run in Palo Alto.

Jess recommended a route to me that took me through Palo Alto and Stanford Campus for four miles, then up and around the Stanford Trail Dish for 4.5 miles, then back through Stanford Campus to close out the remaining 3.5 miles.

Although I know the Palo Alto area fairly well, I'm not very familiar of the area within Stanford Campus (I only know the sports complexes). While the campus is beautiful and very running friendly, the sidewalks kept switching sides of the street. It got a little confusing in some areas and I had to look at the campus map quite a bit.

Things were going well until I reached The Dish. The Dish is a 4.5+ mile trail of hills.

Stanford Trail Dish Elevation
Stanford Trail Dish Elevation

Back in the day; i.e., 2005-07 I used to visit The Dish on a regular basis. It was about that time that I last ran the entire route. I hadn't even been there since 2011 so I'm not sure what I thinking by attempting to run these miles in the middle of a long run.

The hills were the death of me. I forgot how steep and plentiful they are. While my lungs actually felt okay, my legs (actually more like my hips) seriously hurt going up them. I even plopped down on the grass a couple of times.

After closing out The Dish miles I made my way back to Campus and realized I'd be a little short on distance. It just so happen that I ran by the Stanford Track. It was open to the public so I ran about 2.5 laps around it to add on the distance I'd fall short. I noticed how much softer the surface felt, not only in comparison to the road, but to the high school track that I frequent. SO NICE.

I ended the run at exactly 12-miles at my car.

No doubt this run was a tough one. I was humbled. But let's face it - my next race is SFM and it ain't exactly flat. So this was good for me. At least that's what I keep telling myself. And I'm even looking forward to the next time that I get to run The Dish again.