Week 9 - February 27 - March 4, 2012

Monday, February 27

Plan 1500-yard Swim Strength Training

Actual 1525-yard Swim in 35:29 PTX

I continued to swim with the pull buoy, crossing my ankles. Not only is it intense, it also slows me down and makes me lop-sided on one side.

Tuesday, February 28

Plan 6-miles of Hills

Actual 5.04-miles of Hills (58:48, 11:45 min/mi)

As usual, I took to my workplace for this workout because it's the only (convenient) place I know of that has a hill that is a quarter mile long. I was supposed to do 8 hill charges, but I only did 6 of them because my bum was hurting (at this time it was still hurting off/on). I figured since the warm-up and cool-down miles that I did were also up the same hill, it counted as the 2 that I skipped.

Wednesday, February 29

Plan 1-hr Bike Trainer 1-hr Strength Training

Actual 1-hr Bike Trainer 1-hr Strength Training

Trainer Dave introduced 2 new TRX exercises; so instead of a usual circuit, I spent extra time learning the new stuff. After the usual 2-min planks (unfortunately, these have become the norm), 1-min side planks and TRX Atomic Push-ups, we worked on Single Leg Squats with Single Arm Rows. With my bum hurting my balance was terrible; I was falling over every which way. But I managed to finish the 3 sets, then moved on to learn Body Rows with High Y Flies. By the end of the workout my upper body (biceps and lats) were on fire.

Thursday, March 1

Plan 1-hr Run

Actual 1-hr Run (6.74 miles, 8:54 min/mil)

When I see "1-hr Run" I automatically think "6-miles" but this workout was broken up into 3 segments of 20-minutes with each interval faster than the previous. It ended up being 6.74 miles which threw off my usual 6-mile route so I had to repeat a little of it to get the extra .74 miles in.

Friday, March 2

Plan Yoga Strength Training

Actual Bikram Yoga

Saturday, March 3

Plan 10-mile Run

Actual Rest

Sunday, March 4

Plan Rest

Actual 10-mile Run (1:37:35, 9:45 min/mi)

Like last week I ran in Golden Gate Park. The first 2 miles were a mix of road and dirt; the 6 middle miles were all on dirt and the last 2 miles backtracked the first 2 miles. Overall it was a pretty uneventful run, which meant it went very well (just how I like it!). Miraculously, the pain in the butt that had plagued me all week went away. I always measure a run by how I feel a few hours afterwards to the next day and I'm happy to say that it's all good.

Takeaways The biggest takeaway I had from this week was the importance of doing nothing. All week I obsessed about the bum "issue" (not injury) that I'd been trying to manage. It sprang out from nowhere, taking me by surprise and making the previous knee issue seem minuscule. I would literally spent the workday rotating between sitting on blocks of ice and my trigger point ball. I spent HOURS foam rolling and stretching and I won't even mention the countless symptoms that I had googled.

By Friday I was so exhausted and over it that I decided to just stop and do nothing. Relieve my mind from thinking about it and rest the body from the frantic rehab. I switched my Rest Day from Sunday to Saturday and didn't even think about it. And you know what? It worked.

I also got glorious, unmedicated, RESTFUL sleep. Almost 10 hrs on Friday and Saturday, which is almost unheard of for me. I felt like a new person.

I guess sometimes all we need is mindful rest and the mind and body will just work itself out.