Week 9 of 2013: Feb 24 - Mar 2

Sun, Feb 24: + 4 Recovery Miles

Mon, Feb 25:

+ Complete Rest

Tues, Feb 26:

+ 2.79-mile Track Workout

Wed, Feb 27:

+ 1700-m Swim + 35-min Yoga + 45-min Strength Training with Trainer Dave

Thurs, Feb 28:

+ 45-min Yoga

Fri, Mar 1:

+ 25-min Pilates + 35-min Yoga + 35-min Strength Training with Trainer Dave

Sat, Mar 2:

+ 3-miles Easy

What I Learned This Week:

1. We have hamstring muscles in our bums. During my emergency visit with my chiro (after Tuesday's injury run) I kept insisting that it was my gluteal muscles that hurt, not my hammy. She told me that the hamstring muscles goes up to the glutes because, "it has to attach somewhere." Learn something new every day.

2. The three days off from running did wonders. I was annoyed that I had to miss out on so many miles this past week but was relieved that I was able to run pain-free on Saturday...

3. ...Though I did feel like I lost some fitness after just three days off from running.

4. I have no desire to swim more than once a week. I thought I did, but I don't. The chlorine fumes are just too much for me to inhale multiple times a week.

5. Doing only upper body exercises in a 45-min Strength Training session is really hard. Doing only upper body exercises just two days later is even harder - thus I only lasted 35-minutes. It made me realize just how weak my upper body strength is.

I’m writing this onboard my flight to Arizona for a week of Spring Training. I never do well with vacation workouts, so next week is sure to be interesting...