Weekend Wrap-up

Week 20 - May 13-19 Two weeks ago I:

+ Ran 26.89 miles + Went to a 45-min Spin Class + Practiced Yoga for 4 hrs and 15 min including a Core Workshop (link)

Week 21 - May 20-27

This past week I:

+ Ran 41.31 miles + Strength Trained for 1 hour + Practiced Yoga for 2 hrs 30 min + Took three complete Rest Days

Of the 41.31 miles, I did one track workout on Tuesday, ran an easy run on Wednesday, ran 7 Progressive miles on Thursday, 19-miles on Saturday and an easy 3 miles on Sunday.

The 19-miler really sucked. I wonder if I will ever have a long run that doesn't. I really need to learn how to embrace it and just go with it. Any suggestions?

The strength-training workout involved a TRX and a 50 lb weighted vest. Oh, and a rowing machine - something I haven't used in oh, at least five years.

It's no wonder that I've gotten at least 9 (sometimes more) hours of sleep over each of the past four nights.

I also had:

+ a sports massage

+ got my hair done

+ discovered Urban Bistro (seriously, how have I not eaten here before!)

Lunch after a 19-miler
Lunch after a 19-miler

+ took more photos of the GGB

The best part of the 19-mile run
The best part of the 19-mile run

+ and went to a San Jose Sharks playoff game.

San Jose Sharks Game 6
San Jose Sharks Game 6

I'm not going to pretend to be a Sharks fan, mostly because I don't really understand the game of hockey. I mean, I know the basics but I don't know about plays, strategies, etc. But my cousins, who are season ticket holders, had an extra ticket and invited me to join them for Game 6.

View from the suite
View from the suite

Funny, the only Sharks games I've been to have been playoff games. The last time was second row from the ice, and last night, in a luxury suite. I fully understand I am an undeserving fan...but I did have fun. Not only did they win (!!!) to force a Game 7, but I also saw Matthew Perry (Chandler Bing from Friends!) walking out of the suites.

Today I rounded out the weekend with a complete rest day. I fully embraced it by having a(nother) Fat Dog Day on my couch and getting completely sucked in to The Tudors on Netflix. I can only watch it with Wikipedia nearby but I’m really enjoying it so far. Those people were seriously crazy.

Not too shabby of a long weekend!